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San Francisco, 2000 is the eleventh level of Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. The 100% drop for the level is Josie Day.


Eighth Doctor: Josie? Are you alright?

Josie Day: A little dizzy, is all. Where are we?

Eighth Doctor: Look at the lights! The skyscrapers!

Josie: America?

Eighth Doctor: San Francisco! Where else could we be! Smell that air. It's the turn of the millennium.

Josie: The year 2000?

Eighth Doctor: Yes, yes, yes! Can't you smell the fireworks? The celebrations are only just over.

Josie: Yes, but why are we here?

Grace Holloway: I was just about to ask the same question.

Eighth Doctor: Grace? Grace Holloway?

Grace: You look...older. How can that be? I just watched you leave.

Eighth Doctor: It's...complicated.

Grace: Things always are with you.

Josie: Spill. What's going on, Doctor?

Eighth Doctor: The thing is...this isn't the real San Francisco. The virus is causing the TARDIS to recreate the places we've visited together. So the question is...

Josie: ...Is she the real Grace?

Eighth Doctor: Exactly! Now, there's one way to find out...

Grace: Oww! That's my nose you're tweaking.

Eighth Doctor: Grace! It is you!

Grace: It's good to see you too, Doctor.

Eighth Doctor: It's been far too long.

Josie: Umm, I hate to break up your happy reunion, but if Grace is real...

(Sandminer Robots materialize in the background)

Josie: Are those robot things real, too?

Eighth Doctor: Robots of Death! In San Francisco? I think we're about to find out!