The Roboform Christmas Tree are enemies of the Doctor, part of the Advent Calendar Event. They are remote-controlled trees that could spin at extremely high speeds and rip apart anything in their path. They could also play songs such as "Jingle Bells".

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Types and colors

There is currently only one type of Roboform Christmas Tree in Doctor Who: Legacy.


Description/Image Color Powers
Roboform Christmas Tree 100px Green Summon (Reboot), Weaken (Lacerate), Bomb (Bauble), Stun (Spin)


The Roboform Christmas Tree appear in the following levels:

Season Level N. of enemies Types/Colors Powers
Advent Pack Our Christmas Invasion ??? Green Summon, Weaken, Bomb
5 Prologue: Into the time storm 1 Green
5 The Forest of Death part one 6 Green Stun
5 The Forest of Death part two 6 Green Stun
5 Our Christmas Invasion 5 Green
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