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| associates = [[Eleventh Doctor]], [[Amy Pond]], [[Rory Williams]], [[Clara Oswald]]
| associates = [[Eleventh Doctor]], [[Amy Pond]], [[Rory Williams]], [[Clara Oswald]]
| drop = [[Angels Take Manhattan: 1938]]
| drop = [[Angels Take Manhattan: 1938]]
| type = Support
| type = Tank
| power = Conversion
| outfits = 1 outfit
| outfits = 1 outfit

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River Song is a red support companion. A human born on Demons Run, River is most often associated with the Eleventh Doctor and his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, though she also met and aided the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, and Clara Oswald.

River is unlockable during play in the Season 7 level, Angels Take Manhattan: 1938, as well as in the store. She can be purchased individually as a limited time character (6 time crystals) or as part of the 4-character Women of Doctor Who set (20 time crystals). She currently has one alternate outfit, unlockable during Season 6.

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River Song has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP ATK-icon ATK Heal-icon Heal
1 120 37 1
10 335 98 13
20 899 244 55
30 2179 687 124
40 3679 751 177


River Song has the following special powers at each rank.

Rank Power Turns Description
1 Color-power Cunning 7 turns Convert blue gems to red.
2 Color-power A Fast Plan 6 turns Convert blue gems to red.
3 Color-power A Little Luck 5 turns Convert blue gems to red.
4 Color-power Spoilers! 4 turns Convert blue gems to red.


River Song has the following outfits available to her in the game.

Image Screenshot of River Song Impossible Astronaut costume
Description Default The Impossible Astronaut
Drop Default Sontaran Disturbance:
The Name of the Doctor
Episode "The Angels Take Manhattan" "The Impossible Astronaut"/
"Day of the Moon"
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