The Reapers are one of the enemies of the Doctor. They are creatures that live in the Time Vortex and feed on disturbances in time, such as temporal paradoxes. They act as minibosses in Paradox levels. According to the Eleventh Doctor, the Reapers are "incredibly dangerous", and while the team can't destroy it, it will vanish if the paradox is closed.

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Types and Colors

Being a miniboss character, there's only one type of Reaper.


Description Color Powers
Reaper Reaper Blue Stun


The Reapers appear in the following levels:

Season Level N. of enemies Types/Colors Powers
7 Dalek Paradox 1 (Miniboss) Blue Stun
7 The Silent Paradox 1 (Miniboss) Blue Stun
7 Paradox of the Weeping Angels 1 (Miniboss) Blue Stun
7 Whispermen Paradox 1 (Miniboss) Blue Stun
6 Church Paradox 1 (MIniboss) Blue Stun
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