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Promo codes are released by the developers in various areas, like magazines, or an in-game popup.

Promo codes require an internet connection, and consist of up to 12 numbers. Settings must be opened, and then "Promo" to redeem a code.

Several promo codes have been released, but only 3 are available as of 2/22/18.

Date Code Promotion Reward Expired?
??? 3259 - 6549 - 9736 - 4928 Popup Time Fragments x 25 of each type

Time Crystals x 10

Mr. Huffle

Santa Claus

"The Husbands Of River Song" level pack

??? 1212 - 1212 - 1212 - 1212 ??? The Twelfth Doctor, outfit for The Twelfth Doctor NO
10/28/17 6564-6994-3949-6465 TinyRebel Time Fragments x 5 of each type, Time Crystals x 2 YES
3/17/17 3436-2878-4758-5929 Popup Green Time Fragment x 20 YES
2/6/17 6535-3648-9977-8383 Doctor Who Newsletter Outfit for Madame Vastra YES
12/24/16 8634-6358-7669-3238 Popup Outfit for The Fifth Doctor YES
12/23/16 2235-4525-7769-7539 Popup Outfit for Clara Oswald YES
12/21/16 2529-7889-8933-9433 Popup Pixel outfit for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart YES
12/19/16 2868-9464-4826-5568 Popup Pixel outfit for Kate Stewart YES
12/18/16 5857-2737-7749-6525 Popup Twelfth Doctor's Titan Comics outfit YES
12/18/16 5967-7499-8584-8797 Popup Abslom Daak outfit YES
12/18/16 3548-8325-8753-7554 Popup Time Fragments YES
11/8/16 2253-6225-4647-7445 Doctor Who Newsletter Polly Wright + Time Fragment YES
9/19/16 2782-7655-4343-7437 Doctor Who Newsletter The Second Doctor YES
8/15/16 3665-7584-9327-3927 Doctor Who Newsletter The Seventh Doctor YES
8/9/16 2775-6598-2445-8422 Doctor Who Newsletter The Eighth Doctor, 8th Doctor pixel outfit YES
8/7/16 4757-4546-8636-6366 TinyRebel The War Doctor, War pixel outfit, Strand of Time YES
8/1/16 5769-7847-7428-3283 Doctor Who Newsletter The War Doctor YES
7/25/16 3249-3429-5676-9769 Doctor Who Newsletter The Ninth Doctor YES
7/18/16 8455-2362-9549-4976 Doctor Who Newsletter Outfit for The Tenth Doctor YES
7/11/16 2586-6632-7779-4534 Doctor Who Newsletter Outfit for The Eleventh Doctor, ??? time fragment YES
7/7/16 9824-3457-5868-9577 TinyRebel Susan Foreman (Google Play exclusive) YES
7/4/16 2724-8239-2673-3846 Doctor Who: Legacy Facebook page Stetson outfit for The Eleventh Doctor, Strand Of Time YES
6/21/16 3993-7525-6378-6844 TinyRebel Games Young Canton Delaware III, Old Canton Delaware III YES
6/2/16 9627-7386-7424-9354 Support E-Mail ??? time fragment YES
6/2/16 1212-1212-1212-1212 Support E-Mail The Fourth Doctor, two outfits for 4th Doctor YES
5/26/16 5872-4692-5276-7993 Doctor Who Magazine - 500th Issue Frobisher, Ablsom Daak, Shayde YES
4/18/15 3434-5475-7827-8474 TinyRebel Games Outfit for The Tenth Doctor, ??? Time Fragment(s) YES
3/31/15 6579-6623-6659-3429 TinyRebel Games The War Doctor, The Ninth Doctor, The Tenth Doctor, The Eleventh Doctor, The Twelfth Doctor, Time Fragments x 4 of each type YES
3/30/15 5968-2966-2857-5866 Doctor Who Comic Issue 01 Gabriella "Gabby" Gonzalez, Alice Uwaebuka Obiefune, ski outfit for Clara Oswald YES
3/28/15 2366-5266-7337-8336 Following The Nerd Article Outfit for The War Doctor YES
2/18/15 2496-8632-2386-9726 Toucharcade.com

Doctor Who: Legacy article

The Twelfth Doctor and 12th Doctor pixel outfit YES
1/16/15 6266-8252-4727-5897 Doctor Who: Legacy - Costume Fund #2 Outfit for The Fourth Doctor YES
??? 4934-8835-3298-2899 Doctor Who Facebook Group The Tenth Doctor, 10th Doctor 3D Glasses outfit YES
7/28/14 6444-6764-6237-6666 Comic: Doctor Who - The 11th Doctor Alice Uwuebuka Obiefune YES
6/9/14 3367-2485-7893-9446 50th Anniversary: Collector's Edition Blu-Ray The Moment YES