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Prologue: Into the time storm is the first level of Chapter 3. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 21889 experience. The rare drop for the level is a pajamas outfit for The Tenth Doctor.


The enemies for this level are Snowmen, an Ice Governess, a Roboform Christmas Tree and a Roboform Santa.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Snowman MediumEnemy Yellow

Small Snowman

Yellow 35k 200 800 1 Heal ally: 3k HP 1
Snowman MediumEnemy Blue

Medium Snowman

Blue 40k 400 2000 2 Black Ice: Convert red and blue gems to black 1
Ice GovernessEnemy Yellow

Ice Governess

Yellow 45k 400 2000 2
Roboform Christmas TreeEnemy Green

Roboform Christmas Tree

Green 45k 400 2000 2
Roboform Santa Small HornEnemy Red

Roboform Santa B

Red 45k 400 3500 3 Shuffle 1


Wave Enemies
1 Small Snowman Small Snowman Small Snowman
2 Medium Snowman
3 Ice Governess
4 Roboform Christmas Tree
5 Roboform Santa



Eleventh Doctor: We moved forward, the time hurricane centered on December 25th, trapping us. And not the fun part of Christmas day either.

Before Wave 1[]

Eleventh Doctor: I was hoping for more turkey to be honest. For anyone else, the Christmas holidays are a joyous occasion.

After Wave 1[]

Eleventh Doctor: But rarely for me.

Before Wave 2[]

Eleventh Doctor: When I sometimes enjoy the company of friends and a warm fire, many of my holiday seasons have been considerably darker.

Before Wave 3[]

Eleventh Doctor: The snow spun around us, as the time storm trapped us. A thousand Christmas days rolled into one.

Before Wave 4[]

Eleventh Doctor: And from out of the dark they came. My ghosts from holidays past.