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Poison! Bombs! is the third of the Expert Levels. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 20000 experience. The 100% drop for the level is River Song +.


The enemies for this level are Ood.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Dim Sphere OodEnemy Blue

Dim Sphere Ood

Blue 100k 2000 7k 1 Poison: 10%/turn for 10 turns 1
Lit Sphere OodEnemy Red

Lit Sphere Ood

Red 100k 1500 9k 3 Stun: Stun target for 2 turns 1
Yellow Sphere OodEnemy Yellow

Yellow Sphere Ood

Yellow 50k 2500 9k 1 Poison: 20%/turn for 4 turns 1
Red Sphere Ood AEnemy Red

Red Sphere Ood A

Red 200k 2000 10k 2 Stun: Stun target for 3 turns 1
Red Sphere Ood BEnemy Red

Red Sphere Ood B

Red 250k 3500 7.5k 1 Stun: Stun target for 2 turns 1
Poison: 40%/turn for 3 turns 1
Red Sphere Ood CEnemy Red

Red Sphere Ood C

Red 300k 5000 9.5k 2 Stun: Stun all allies for 2 turns 1


Wave Enemies
1 Dim Sphere Ood Lit Sphere Ood
2 Lit Sphere Ood Yellow Sphere Ood
3 Yellow Sphere Ood Red Sphere Ood A
4 Red Sphere Ood B Red Sphere Ood C

Editor's Strategy[]

YOU MAY CONSIDER THIS AS A HELP TO BEAT THIS LEVEL, IT'S NOT OFFICIAL CONTENT. Multiple strategies have been uploaded to allow users without as many high leveled characters more variety. Feel free to add your own of it deviates significantly from the strategies already listed.

Team Perks 1 Perks 2
Rayquaza's Strategy
Rayquaza Poison Bombs Team

Rayquaza's team

Rayquaza Poison Bombs Perks1

Rayquaza's perks

Rayquaza Poison Bombs Perks2

Rayquaza's perks

The Eleventh Doctor, K9 MK II, Silent Priest (Blue), Spoonhead 11th Doctor, John Riddell, Punishment Medic. The hardest part is surviving till all your stunners are charged. If you are lucky and receive a good board distribution, you may be able to knock out the red Ood in a couple of turns. When your stunners are charged, stun the red Ood as it does the most damage. Use Spoonhead 11th Doctor's ability to increase the amount of blue gems you receive.
Cookie's Strategy
Cookie Posion Bombs Team

Cookie of Awesome's team

Cookie Poison Bombs Perks1

Cookie of Awesome's perks

Cookie Poison Bombs Perks2

Cookie of Awesome's perks

The Sixth Doctor, Jimmy Wicks Ganger, Handles, Robin Hood, Silent Priest (Yellow) and Elizabeth X There are four waves to this level. Stall out the first wave until Liz X is charged up, chipping down the enemies health with Yellow combos. When this is taken care of, for the second wave use the converters followed by Liz X to make a fully yellow, boosted board. Stall out the third wave again until Liz X recharges, using Sixth's poison ability if it charged, then convert and boost for an easy Wave 4.
Pbandfluff's Strategy
Pb team

Pbandfluff's Team

Pb perks 1

Pbandfluff's Perks

Pb perks 2

Pbandfluffs' Perks

The Eighth Doctor , SA The First Doctors signet ring , Silent Priest (Blue) , K9 MK 2 , Craig Owens , and Angie Maitland Use the Eighth Doctor's dual colors against the blue and yellow Ood, as well as his poison cure and heal ability as needed. At Rank 5 or 6, Angie Maitland will turn yellow and black gems to pink not only healing you but clearing the board in a pinch. The First Doctor's signet ring will also clear the board by resetting it, helping with getting blue gem drops.  Use the Silent Priest and K9 to stun as needed against waves of poison moves. Craig Owens doesn't help much with the red Ood, but his special attack at Rank 5 or 6 will knock out a good hunk of both enemies' HP. Max out your perks to your advantage, especially the Doctor Enhance, Poison Resist, and Death Resist.

Rayquaza3 (talk) 12:00, June 1, 2014 (UTC)

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