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|name = Paradox
|name = Paradox
|image = [[File:Paradox_HD.jpg|250px]]
|image = [[File:Paradox_HD.jpg|235px]]
|origin = Time Vortex
|origin = Time Vortex
|debut = Game-exclusive character
|debut = Game-exclusive character

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 The Paradox is an enemy of the Doctor. In Doctor Who: Legacy, the paradoxes are caused by the alterations in history made by the time traveling army of Sontarans that is the first main villain of the game. Paradoxes always appear in the same level as Reapers, and are always the bosses of such levels. See also: Category:Paradox levels

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Types and colors

There are currently three types of Paradoxes in Doctor Who: Legacy.


Description/Image Color Powers
Blue Paradox 140px Blue Convert (Warp), Shuffle
Red Paradox Paradox.jpg Red Convert (Warp)
Artificial Paradox Paradox2.jpg Yellow Convert (Warp), Lock (Lock Time)


The Paradox appears in the following levels:

Season Level N. of enemies Types/Colors Powers
7 Dalek Paradox 1 (Boss) Blue Convert (Warp)
7 The Silent Paradox 1 (Boss) ??? ???
7 Paradox of the Weeping Angels 1 (Boss) ??? ???
7 Whispermen Paradox 1 (Boss) ??? ???
6 Church Paradox 1 (Boss) Blue ???
6 Sontaran Reinforcements 1 (Boss) Artificial Paradox ???
6 When Spoonheads Attack! 1 (Boss) Artificial Paradox ???
6 No Black Gems: Old friends, older enemies part 2 1 (Boss) Artificial Paradox Lock, Convert
5 Christmas Paradox 1 (Boss) Blue Shuffle
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