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For the companions, see Ood and Ood Sigma.

The Ood are a telepathic humanoid species with coleoid tentacles on the lower portions of their faces. They have no vocal cords and instead communicate by telepathy. The Ood have two brains, a forebrain in the head (which does much of the thinking and stores the telepathic sensors) and a secondary hindbrain connected by an umbilical cord-like connection to their faces, usually held in their hands. The hindbrain process memory and emotions, leading to mental instabilities when removed, even though the Ood could survive with it being removed and replaced with the more commonly seen telepathy ball.

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Dim Sphere Ood Dim Sphere Ood
Lit Sphere Ood Lit Sphere Ood
Yellow Sphere Ood Yellow Sphere Ood
Red Sphere Ood A Red Sphere Ood A
Red Sphere Ood B Red Sphere Ood B
Red Sphere Ood C Red Sphere Ood C
Pixelated Ood Ood (Ood Pack) Pixelated
Cartoony Ood Ood Kids Area Enemy