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Old friends is the eighth level of Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1.


Ace: Professor? Is that you?

War Doctor: Ace! What are you doing here? Is it really you, Sarah Jane? And you, Polly?

Sarah Jane Smith: Something is rupturing the timelines.

Polly Wright: We just...found ourselves here.

Ace: What's going on, Professor?

Cinder: Who are these people?

War Doctor: Old friends.

Cinder: Like the General?

War Doctor: Yes, but these are old friends who shouldn't recognize me - not like this..

(The "companions" reveal their true forms)

Zygon: Oh, very good, Doctor.

The General: Zygons!

War Doctor: And this isn't really the console room.

Cinder: Then it looks as if we have another fight on our hands.