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Night Terrors: Nowhere to Run is the forty-second level of Chapter 2. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 17616 experience. The rare drop for the level is Alex Thompson.


The enemies for this level are Peg Dolls.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Peg Doll Gray HairEnemy Blue

Gray-haired Peg Doll

Blue 15k 200 400 1 Play: Convert green gems to red 1
Peg Doll GingerEnemy Blue

Ginger Peg Doll

Blue 16k 200 1200 3 Play: Convert blue gems to black 1
Peg Doll Brown HairEnemy Blue

Brown-haired Peg Doll

Blue 15k 200 375 1 Play: Convert green gems to pink 1
Peg Doll Blonde AEnemy Yellow

Blonde Peg Doll A

Yellow 20k 200 1200 2 Pay up: Remove 1
Peg Doll SoldierEnemy Black

Toy Soldier

Black 18.5k 200 1500 3 Play: Convert yellow gems to red 1
Peg Doll AmyEnemy Red

Amy Doll

Red 20k 200 1300 2 Amy's screams: Poison 30%/turn for 50 turns 2


Wave Enemies
1 Toy Soldier Gray-haired Peg Doll Ginger Peg Doll
2 Brown-haired Peg Doll
3 Toy Soldier Ginger Peg Doll Toy Soldier
4 Brown-haired Peg Doll Gray-haired Peg Doll
5 Blonde Peg Doll A
6 Amy Doll