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This page contains information about features that were at one point mentioned by the Tiny Rebel team (in their weekly newsletter, the Adipose stream on Twitch, their Facebook page, or other public statements) but were never added to the game before it officially closed.

Upcoming seasons and levels

Title Season Notes Source
Chapter 4 - Betrayal and Redemption Season 4 and 8 (among others)

End of the Master storyline, first 47 levels released

Gallifrey Base

Newsletter #61

Levels based on Doctor Who Experience Adventure in Cardiff Chapter 4

7 levels long

First 3 levels released June 24, 2015

Big Finish Levels TBA Community Letter #3
(New) Doctor Who Legacy: Kids Doctor Who Legacy Kids

Expansions coming with new enemies and costumes. Will Include costumes for the classic Doctors, as well as other companions. (the art is also used for the Doctor Who Comic Creator app).

Name Season Notes Source
"Voyage of the Damned" Series 4 Gallifrey Base
"The Keeper of Traken" Season 18 Gallifrey Base
"Day of the Daleks" Season 9 Gallifrey Base
"The Day of the Doctor" Series 7 Twitch
"The War Machines" Season 3 Bigger on the Inside level 1st Birthday letter
"The Gunfighters" Season 3 Bigger on the Inside level 1st Birthday letter
"The Web Planet" Season 2 Bigger on the Inside level 1st Birthday letter

 Upcoming allies

Character Image First episode Season Colors Powers Notes Source
Adric "Full Circle" Chapter 4

Gallifrey Base


Sergeant Benton "The Invasion" TBA Gallifrey Base
Classic UNIT characters "The Invasion" Chapter 4 Twitch
Psi "Time Heist" TBA Twitch
Captain Braxton Doctor Who: Legacy

Chapter 4

2015 Community Letter #1
The Face of Boe "The End of the World" TBA Twitch
Peri Brown "Planet of Fire" TBA


The Twelfth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver (latest model)

"Hell Bent" TBA Twitch
Maxwell Edison "Stars Fell on Stockbridge"  TBA Doctor Who Magazine #500

 Upcoming costumes

Character Image Description Appearance(s) Notes Source
Bitey the Cybermat
Cybermat Teeth
Teeth "Closing Time" Gallifrey Base
The Fourth Doctor Portrait TBA Twitch
The Fifth Doctor Portrait TBA Twitch
The Twelfth Doctor Portrait TBA Twitch
Dorothy "Ace" McShane Dress "Ghost Light" Chosen by Sophie Aldred Twitch
Jo Grant TBA TBA Chosen by Katy Manning Twitch
The Sixth Doctor TBA TBA Chosen by Colin Baker Twitch
Mickey Smith TBA TBA


The TARDIS TBA Series 9 Fan Area 100% drop Facebook
John Jones TBA TBA New costumes coming Twitch
Peri Brown Peri Brown Pixelated Pixelated "Attack of the Cybermen" Twitter
The TARDIS The TARDIS Kids Area Kids Area Regular Appearance Newsletter #123
Josie Day TBA TBA Titan Comics sent TRG a few images (around six or seven) and one was chosen to be the default image. Some of the other images will become costumes Twitch
The Sixth Doctor Retro Comic TBA Twitch
The First Doctor Retro Comic TBA Twitch
Bill Potts TBA Newsletter #173

Upcoming enemies


Image First episode Season Notes Source
Anthony Ainley's Master "The Keeper of Traken" Chapter 4 Twitch

Mother of Mine

Father of Mine

Son of Mine

Daughter of Mine

(Family of Blood)

"The Family Of Blood" Chapter 4 (Possibly) All members of The Family Of Blood were previously released as enemies in Bigger on the Inside prologue. Twitch
Josiah W. Dogbolter "The Moderator"  TBA Will be drawn by Pest, rather than using Doctor Who Magazine's art. Twitch
The Empty Child "The Empty Child"


The Empty Child was previously released as enemy in Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. Twitch

Changes to existing characters

Character Image Change Source
Oswin Oswald Clara Oswald Souffle Add Clara's Red Dress to Oswin Oswald.

Gallifrey Base

All Season 8, Season 9 and 2014 Adventure allies and costumes Add all allies and costumes from Season 8, Season 9 and 2014 Advent to the main story.