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Memories is the fifth level of Bigger on the Inside prologue. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 25125 experience.


The enemies for this level are Whisper Men.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Black Whisper ManEnemy Black

Black Whisper Man

Green 150k 3k 4k 1 Strike: Damage 20% 1/2
Immune: 20 turns 2
Sap: Weaken 1
Life Tap: 3k in 10 turns 1
Confuse: Shuffle 1
Red Whisper ManEnemy Red

Red Whisper Man

Red 175k 3k 3500 1 Shock: Damage 20% 1/2
Immune: 15 turns 1
Pulse: Convert 1
Green Whisper ManEnemy Green

Green Whisper Man

Green 150k 3k 125k 1 Grab: Damage 20% 1/2
Immune: 18 turns 1
Pulse 1
Geist: Lock II 1


Wave Enemies
1 Black Whisper Man Red Whisper Man Green Whisper Man



Eleventh Doctor: The TARDIS architectural reconfiguration system is cross referencing her memory streams, building places she's been. And, oh boy, has she been to some very dark and scary places. She's being forced to create a replica of her own grave, she must be terrified. We have to stop this now.

River Song: Doctor!

Whisper Man: As the lights of the TARDIS dim, the Doctor will atone for his sin.

Strax: Stand back! I have faced these creatures before and for the glory of the Sontaran Empire I will do so again!

Madame Vastra: Behind me, Jenny!

Clara Oswald: Where are these things coming from?

Twelfth Doctor: You thought the TARDIS could only create furniture? She's much smarter, and more deadly, than that.


As the whispermen vanish in a cloud of reclaimed molecules the world around the Doctor starts to corrupt.

Jenny Flint: What's happening now?

Twelfth Doctor: The virus, it's flooding through the TARDIS core systems, corrupting everything as it goes. As well as overriding the architect systems, the virus is degrading them, making them unable to build the world around us at the fidelity we are used to.

Madame Vastra: Truly astounding. This vehicle of yours never ceases to amaze me, Doctor.

(Scene shifts to a pixelated version of the 12th Doctor's control room)

Eleventh Doctor: That's better...mostly.

The incarnations of the Doctor rush to the control panel to try to control the damage the virus is doing to the TARDIS systems, a fierce look of determination on their faces.

A piercing scream rings out through the control room, a final plea for help.

Tenth Doctor: She's got nothing left. Her systems are riddled with the virus. She won't be able to help us much longer.