Malohkeh is a black balanced companion with a cure power. He is a Silurian from Earth. He served as Winston Churchill's physician in an alternate timeline.

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Malohkeh has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP ATK-icon ATK Heal-icon Heal
11 104 88 75
20 597 195 222
30 1243 659 356
40 1849 978 523


Malohkeh has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Cooldown Description
2 Cure-power Purify 5 turns Cure poison.
3 Cure-power Purify 4 turns Cure poison.
4 Cure-power Purify 3 turns Cure poison.


Malohkeh currently has the following outfit in the game.

Image Malohkeh
Description Default
Drop Default
Appearance "The Hungry Earth"
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