Jenny Flint is a red balanced companion with a convert power. A human from Victorian England, Jenny is most often associated with Madame Vastra and Strax, and has assisted the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald on several occasions.

As one of the three characters with whom the player begins Season 7 at the start of Doctor Who: Legacy, she has no unlock conditions. She possesses one additional outfit which is obtainable as part of Season 6 and was also made available for free as part of the Advent Calendar promotional event coinciding with the game's launch.

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Jenny Flint has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP ATK-icon ATK Heal-icon Heal
1  ???  ??  ?
10 156 136 40
20 487 335 165
30 1366 759 343
40 1733 1184 513


Jenny Flint has the following special powers at each rank.

Rank Power Turns Description
1 Color-power Smolder 7 turns Convert blue gems to red.
2 Color-power Flame 6 turns Convert blue gems to red.
3 Color-power Combust 5 turns Convert blue gems to red.
4 Color-power Engulf 4 turns Convert blue gems to red.


Jenny Flint currently has the following outfits available to her.

Image Jenny standard outfit 144px
Description Default Maid
Drop Default A Good Man Goes to War:
Colonel Manton
Episode  ??? "A Good Man Goes to War"
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