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Hello? Sweetie? is the eighth level of Chapter 4. The 100% drop for the level is Professor River Song.


Madame VastraAs she walked in a dozen voices rose up. Panic, fear, and discussion of what the Master may have done to the Doctors; Explanations of the recent past to the new, older River Song.

Clara Oswald: We have to stay here, in the TARDIS, where we’re safe, Wait for the Doctor. We can still win this if we wait for him... for them to return.

River Song: There isn’t anything left to win. Reality is collapsing around us. From this point onwards our one and only job is to find a way to lose which doesn’t also destroy the entire universe.

Professor River Song: She’s right. There isn’t a trace of them on the TARDIS sensors, There’s nothing we can do. They’re more than capable of handling themselves. If someone has done this to them... let’s just say I wouldn’t like to be the one up against those thirteen. We need to push forward into the library, we have a job to do.

Madame Vastra: And without a beat the older "Professor" River Song was leading us, Walking out the doors of the TARDIS, issuing orders and warnings. The leader we needed.

Professor River Song: I hope the Doctor has prepared you all. I hope you’re all ready for what we’re about to face.