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For the companion, see Rory the Handbot.

The Handbots are medical drones with no capacity for sympathy or rational thought. They are not evil creatures, they're simply doing what they were programmed to do, even if it means keeping people on Apalapucia when they are desperate to escape. Handbots are designed to assist the Two Streams Facility, they can render patients unconscious by touching them with their hands and deliver medicine known as "Kindness" either through a syringe-style implement or by firing needles from a compartment stored behind their face.

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Handbot A Handbot A
Handbot B Handbot B
Handbot C Handbot C
Handbot D Handbot D
Handbot E Handbot E
Handbot F Handbot F
Rorybot Rorybot
Giant Rorybot Giant Rorybot