Doctor Who: Legacy's core combat mechanic involves the matching of colored gems on a 5x6 field. These gems take six colors—black, blue, green, pink, red, and yellow—five of which are keyed to the attacks of the various characters from which the player can build her team. Below is a breakdown of the six gem colors, what their associated strengths and weaknesses are, and what time fragments are needed to advance a character of the color to the next rank.



See also: Category:Black allies

Black gems activate the attacks of black characters. Black attacks against yellow targets deal double damage. Black enemies are weak to yellow attacks.



See also: Category:Blue allies

Blue gems activate the attacks of blue characters. Blue attacks against red targets deal double damage, while those against green targets deal half damage. Blue enemies are weak to green attacks.



See also: Category:Green allies

Green gems activate the attacks of green characters. Green attacks against blue targets deal double damage, while those against red targets deal half damage. Green enemies are weak to red attacks.



Pink gems do not activate any attacks, but rather heal the party. Characters of various colors have the ability to shift gems of other colors to pink.



See also: Category:Red allies

Red gems activate the attacks of red characters. Red attacks against green targets deal double damage, while those against blue targets deal half damage. Red enemies are weak to blue attacks.



See also: Category:Yellow allies

Yellow gems activate the attacks of yellow characters. Yellow attacks against black targets deal double damage. Yellow enemies are weak to black attacks.



Stone gems appear only on certain levels, typically those involving the Weeping Angels. These gems can be cleared away in combos as normal, but do nothing aside from adding to the player's combo count.


Gems sometimes can change their appearance in some levels; or as part of the Advent Calendar Event thanks to a Promo Code which changed the Gems Skin for a limited period of time.

Skin Black Blue Green Pink Red Yellow
Christmas Skin Christmas black.png Christmas blue.png Christmas green.png Christmas pink.png Christmas red.png Christmas yellow.png
Van Gogh Skin Van gogh black gem.png Van gogh blue gem.png Van gogh green gem.png Van gogh pink gem.png Van gogh red gem.png Van gogh yellow gem.png
Silent Skin Black silent gem.png Blue silent gem.png Green silent gem.png Pink silent gem.png Red silent gem.png Yellow silent gem.png
Beast Skin Black beast gem.png Blue beast gem.png Green beast gem.png Pink beast gem.png Red beast gem.png Yellow beast gem.png
Toclafane Skin Black toclafane gem.png Blue toclafane gem.png Green toclafane gem.png Pink toclafane gem.png Red toclafane gem.png Yellow toclafane gem.png
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