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Doctor Who: Legacy's core combat mechanic involves the matching of colored gems on a 5x6 field. These gems take six colors—black, blue, green, pink, red, and yellow—five of which are keyed to the attacks of the various characters from which the player can build their team. Below is a breakdown of the six gem colors, what their associated strengths and weaknesses are, and what time fragments are needed to advance a character of the color to the next rank.

Red Red[]

See also: Category:Red allies

Red gems activate the attacks of red characters. Red attacks against green targets deal double damage, while those against blue targets deal half damage. Red enemies are weak to blue attacks.

Blue Blue[]

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Blue gems activate the attacks of blue characters. Blue attacks against red targets deal double damage, while those against green targets deal half damage. Blue enemies are weak to green attacks.

Yellow Yellow[]

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Yellow gems activate the attacks of yellow characters. Yellow attacks against black targets deal double damage. Yellow enemies are weak to black attacks.

Green Green[]

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Green gems activate the attacks of green characters. Green attacks against blue targets deal double damage, while those against red targets deal half damage. Green enemies are weak to red attacks.

Black Black[]

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Black gems activate the attacks of black characters. Black attacks against yellow targets deal double damage. Black enemies are weak to yellow attacks.

Pink Pink[]

Pink gems do not activate any attacks, but rather heal the party. Characters of various colors have the ability to shift gems of other colors to pink.

Stone Stone[]

Stone gems appear only on certain levels, typically those involving the Weeping Angels. These gems can be cleared away in combos as normal, but do nothing aside from adding to the player's combo count. They can be turned into pink gems using the Third Doctor's Reverse the Polarity. Also, allies who can select a gem for conversion can change the color of Stone gems.

Secondary Color[]

Rank 5 allies have a secondary color. Each group of matching gems activates both primary attacks from allies with the corresponding primary color and secondary attacks from allies with the corresponding secondary color. Some allies have the identical primary and secondary color and both attacks will be activated simultaneously.

Damage against an enemy is calculated separately for a primary and secondary attack. For instance, Jenny (primary color red, secondary color blue) attacks an Ironside Dalek (green), the red attack will deal 200% damage, while the blue attack deals 50%.

There is currently a bug in the game where secondary attack receive damage boost from boost ability  and wave enhance perk twice, for more details, please look take a look at Boost power and the Combo strength formula.


Gem Color Red Blue Green Yellow Black Pink Stone
Strong against Green Red Blue Black Yellow Heals allies No effect
Weak against Blue Green Red N/A N/A


Gems sometimes can change their appearance in some specific levels or events. The first alternate skin was the Christmas one, which was the default skin for a limited time during December 2013, as part of the 2013 Advent Calendar. Since version 2.2 it is possible to select alternative Gem Skins in the "Settings" menu accessible through "Options". There's also a "Colorblind" skin for colorblind players, which is a mix of the other skins.

Skin Red Blue Yellow Green Black Pink
Default Red Blue Yellow Green Black Pink
Christmas Christmas red Christmas blue Christmas yellow Christmas green Christmas black Christmas pink
Van Gogh Van gogh red gem Van gogh blue gem Van gogh yellow gem Van gogh green gem Van gogh black gem Van gogh pink gem
Beast Red beast gem Blue beast gem Yellow beast gem Green beast gem Black beast gem Pink beast gem
Dalek Dalek red gem Dalek blue gem Dalek yellow gem Dalek green gem Dalek black gem Dalek pink gem
Master Red toclafane gem Blue toclafane gem Yellow toclafane gem Green toclafane gem Black toclafane gem Pink toclafane gem
Ood Ood red gem Ood blue gem Ood yellow gem Ood green gem Ood black gem Ood pink gem
Silent Red silent gem Blue silent gem Yellow silent gem Green silent gem Black silent gem Pink silent gem
Roundels Roundels red gem Roundels blue gem Roundels yellow gem Roundels green gem Roundels black gem Roundels pink gem
Cybermen Cybermen red gem Cybermen blue gem Cybermen yellow gem Cybermen green gem Cybermen black gem Cybermen pink gem
Colorblind Red Christmas blue Cybermen yellow gem Dalek green gem Roundels black gem Ood pink gem
The 12th Red 12th Gem Blue 12th Gem Yellow 12th Gem Green 12th Gem Black 12th Gem Pink 12th Gem
Pixel Red Pixelated Gem Blue Pixelated Gem Yellow Pixelated Gem Green Pixelated Gem Black Pixelated Gem Pink Pixelated Gem
Snowflake Red snowflake gem Blue snowflake gem Yellow snowflake gem Green snowflake gem Black snowflake gem Pink snowflake gem
2016Easter 1 Red 2016Easter 1 gem Blue 2016Easter 1 gem Yellow 2016Easter 1 gem Green 2016Easter 1 gem Black 2016Easter 1 gem Pink 2016Easter 1 gem
2016Easter 2 Red 2016Easter 2 gem Blue 2016Easter 2 gem Yellow 2016Easter 2 gem Green 2016Easter 2 gem Black 2016Easter 2 gem Pink 2016Easter 2 gem
Halloween 1 Red 2016Halloween 1 gem Blue 2016Halloween 1 gem Yellow 2016Halloween 1 gem Green 2016Halloween 1 gem Black 2016Halloween 1 gem Pink 2016Halloween 1 gem
Halloween 2 Red 2016Halloween 2 gem Blue 2016Halloween 2 gem Yellow 2016Halloween 2 gem Green 2016Halloween 2 gem Black 2016Halloween 2 gem Pink 2016Halloween 2 gem

The following is a list of levels featuring alternate gem skins. This substitution only happens if the Default skin is used. Skins outside from this list are only available by changing the default skin in the Options.

Level Season Gem Skin
No Black Gems: Old friends, older enemies part 2 Chapter 2 Christmas
Vincent and the Doctor Chapter 3 Van Gogh
(12th+, Clara+ req.)Sixty Six Expert Levels Roundels
Dark water Season 8 Cybermen
(10th+, River+, Strax+, Clara+ req.) Confusion Expert Levels Mixed skins
Seven Zygons Pixelated (L30 team req.) 2014 Advent Pixelated
(12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie) The Cyber King: Impact Chapter 4 Cybermen
Bubble Universe Echo - The Impossible Planet Chapter 4 Ood
Bubble Universe Echo - The Satan Pit Chapter 4 Beast
2015 Christmas Fan Area Snowflake
(L40) A Very Zygon Halloween 2016 Fan Area Halloween 1