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Frenemies #1: Missy is the forty-fifth level of the Fan Area. The 100% drop for the level is the Fan Sonic Sunglasses.


The player is given a pre-set team of Rank 6 characters. "Missy" has a different ability and cooldown than the regular Missy (ally). "Clara in a Dalek shell" is an outfit avaliable for Clara Oswald.

Name Gem Colors Ability Cooldown
The Twelfth Doctor Black/Blue Increase gem move time by 7 seconds for 1 turn 50 combos
Does 96000 damage split between all enemies 60 combos
Sonic Sunglasses Yellow/Black Select a gem to change that color to yellow 6 turns
Missy Blue/Black Mischief: Convert 2 random gem colors to another 5 turns
Clara Oswald Red/Green Heal allies for 35% Max HP 7 turns
Clara in a Dalek shell Green/Red The Impossible Dalek: Convert pink and green gems to black 6 turns


The Enemies for this level are Colony Sarff, Daleks, and Davros.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Colony SarffEnemy Green

Colony Sarff 1 / 2

Green 0 2k 1 Bomb random gems 5k in 3 turns 1
Split: Summon Snake A/B 1
Green 0 2k 1 Split: Summon Giant Snake B 1
Snake AEnemy Yellow

Snake A

Yellow 1k 1 Tangle: Stun 1
Snake BEnemy Yellow

Snake B

Yellow 0 1k 1 Poison for 3 turns 1
Snake BEnemy Red

Giant Snake B

Red 0 1k 1 Grab pink: Remove pink gems 1
Special Weapons DalekEnemy Blue

Special Weapons Dalek

Blue 0 1k 1 EXTERMINATE: Damage 15% 2
DavrosEnemy Black

Davros 1 / 2

Black 0 2k 1 Repair: Heal / Heal Ally 1
Lock II 1
Black 0 1.5k 1 Lock II 1
Colony Sarff CloseupEnemy Red

Colony Sarff (closeup)

Red 0 1.8k 1 Poison for 30 turns 1
Bomb random gems in 3 turns 1
Davros closeupEnemy Yellow

Davros (closeup)

Yellow 0 1.8k 1 ExTerMiNate: Damage 3
Lock II 1


Wave Enemies
1 Colony Sarff 1
2 Special Weapons Dalek Davros 1 Special Weapons Dalek
3 Colony Sarff 2 Davros 2
4 Davros (closeup) Colony Sarff (closeup)