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I enjoyed the tutorial videos by The Adipose after I had already started on an adventure of discovery about strategies for my own game. I'm now playing four different teams, and have found one I really like: a red-yellow-black team.

I have chosen red at this point from a purely character-driven perspective, unfortunately. I'm not a fan of Matt Smith and so have not watched much of the 11th Doctor; so 10th Doctor's red ability sets the stage. He is also a powerful healer and currently the only one on my team. I have paired him with Jenny for her conversion ability and because I've determined every color should be paired.

My yellows are Amy Pond (tank) and Madame Vastra (who may have started as a tank, but I've leveled up her atk as well--she's a beast!). My black team is Porridge and K-9 who work very well together with their stun and bomb abilities. I am mowing through every enemy I face with these guys!

Who do you like? Why are you using them?—Preceding unsigned comment added by Dsrtrosy (talkcontribs)

I'm using the following team almost exclusively, just swapping out a character or two as needed to beat certain levels.
  • Tenth Doctor - I needed someone red on the team and he's good for filling that role. At rank 4, his healing ability comes into play very rarely due to the high number of combos needed to trigger it, but it's a healing-heavy team, and in long battles he certainly bolsters this aspect of the team.
  • Madame Vastra - One of my primary attackers, the fact that no enemy is strong against yellow and that black enemies are weak against it makes her especially useful. I find her offensive power to be helpful as well, usually pushing a foe hanging on by a string over the edge.
  • Porridge - He's the tankiest tank in the game as far as I can tell, and black falls into the same universally useful category as yellow. His bomb ability by Rank 4 is strong enough that I can rely on him to take down a foe the rest of the team isn't directly focusing on, and between multi-target attacks like Vastra's and 5-gem combos and his bomb, can take most foes out.
  • K9 MK II - Paired with Porridge, K9 makes black combos lethal, especially if I can get 5 or more of them at a time. His stun ability also means I can delay particularly egregious enemy attacks a bit to heal up before them, utilize important combos before they get locked or color-shifted, or simply try to kill the attacker before it gets to act again.
  • Rory Williams - Rory is nice and balanced, and while not a particularly heavy hitter, has a useful healing power, which combined with Ten and Nefertiti, gives me a nice chunk of combo-free healing when I really need it. I rely mostly on yellow-black damage, even against foes with green vulnerability, so Rory's relatively low offensive contribution is more than balanced by his healing and HP.
  • Queen Nefertiti - Rounding out the team, Nefertiti's healing ability keeps me in the fight long enough for the heavier hitters to take out the enemies weak to blue attacks, which she isn't really strong enough to take on alone, even with a 50% boost.
So far, this team has gotten me through the latter part of Season 7 and most of Season 6. When facing a poisoning enemy, I replace Rory with UNIT Medic, but only for her power. I swap her back out for Rory when not facing enemies with poison, as Rory's healing ability is more universally helpful. —yoda8myhead (talk) 23:28, December 16, 2013 (UTC)
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