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I've been busy with work and holiday-related business the last few days and was pleased to see several new articles about specific levels when I signed on tonight to check in on the site. I wonder if these would be more useful if we set up some templates to break apart various bits of information and present them in a more visual way. I'm thinking of a navbox about the level, perhaps including a screenshot of the background that shows up when you select the level in the season list, as well as icons for the associated time fragments and rare drops that might be attained in the level, and the number of phases in the level.

Within each phase, I think we can also use tables and screenshots of the creatures (to distinguish them from one another) as well as a breakdown of their color, HP, attack output/recharge, and special power(s). I'm not very good at breaking down the numbers for levels as I play through them, but I can easily capture images. If I play through one of the levels that's already got info, I can capture images and do up an example of what I'm thinking about in terms of tables.

Anyone have any suggestions or comments on this before I set to work on one of them as a prototype?

Also, do we want to make articles on each specific enemy (so there'd be an article on cherub weeping angels, one on Sontaran Commander Vade the Defiant, etc.? Or are we ok just keeping them nested in their respective levels? —yoda8myhead (talk) 07:41, December 19, 2013 (UTC)

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