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NOTE: This page is obsolete as of March 31, 2018 and is included in the wiki for historical purposes only. Weekly changes to the Fan Area level (L50) Experimental Relative Dimension are no longer being documented.

Experimental Relative Dimension

The line above is the result of a parser operation. It is designed to return a valid link to the latest Experimental Relative Dimension level page that follows the usual naming pattern and is dated up to 9 days back by its title. If it does not find any such page, the code just returns the text Experimental Relative Dimension with no link. Either way, nothing but the result of the operation (seen above) will carry over from here to pages that use the inclusion {{:Fan Area/ERD}}

When a new Experimental Relative Dimension Level has been added to the wiki, the cache of pages embedding this code should be purged so anyone who has previously opened them will get to see the current version. Clicking the following links will do that (and then open them for viewing).

Purge Twelfth Doctor page cache
Purge Twelfth Doctor + page cache
Purge John Jones page cache
Purge Signature Peri page cache
Purge Fan Sarah Jane Smith page cache
Purge Fan Area page cache (Will happen automatically when the level table is edited.)

You can also purge the cache of this page to refresh the result seen above, but please note that this is of no consequence to the pages that embed it.