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This page contains information about secrets Tiny Rebel Games have hidden throughout the game.

Dalek Easter Egg[]

An image of a Dalek can be seen in the background art for most locations in the game.

Location name Appearance of the Dalek Image
Natty Longshoe's Comical Castle Information board
Natty Longshoe's Comical Castle
Back Streets of London Through the window
Back Streets of London
The Latimer's Residence Portrait
Latimer's Residence
The Great Intelligence Middle of the Carpet
The Great Intelligence
The Earth's Moon Moon rock
Hedgewick's World of Wonders (unnamed location) Plush toy
Hedgewick's World of Wonders
Silurian Arc Crate to the right
Silurian Arc
Manhattan Bottom left corner
Winter Quay rooftop Graffiti in the wall
Winter Quay
Miss Kizlet's headquarters Computer screens
London 2013

In Dreams

Gallifreyan writing
In Dreams
Flagship of the 12th Cyber Legion Through the left window
Flagship of the 12th Cyber Legion
Silent Spaceship Left side under the pipe
Silent Spaceship
Winston Churchill's roman headquarters (alternate timeline) Statue
The Senate
Apalapucia The head on the wall to the left
George Thompson's dollhouse Portrait
George Thompson's dollhouse
St John's Monastery, 22nd century Bottom right corner
St John's Monastery, 22nd century
Ophanage Toy underneath bed on the left
Giza Egytian Writing on right wall
The Papal Mainframe Portrait
Dalek Saucer Progenitor Device
StarShip UK Graffiti bottom right (hidden during gameplay)
Starship UK
Outside Torchwood Three On the upper street
Outside Torchwood Three
Christmas Time Storm In the fog