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Desert wastes of Gallifrey is the twenty-sixth level of Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. The 100% drop for the level is Strax. The secondary 100% drop for the level is a pixelated outfit for Strax.


The player is given a pre-set team of characters that may have different colors, powers, and cooldowns than normal. Asmuth is not currently obtainable as an ally.

Name Gem Color Ability Cooldown
The War Doctor Red/Black Stun all enemies for 4 turns. 45 combos
Deal 42% damage to enemies current HP. 60 combos
The War Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Black/Red Increase 20% damage to all black attacks for 1 turn. 8 turns
Asmuth (Blue) Blue/Blue Does 80000 damage split between all enemies 10 turns
Asmuth (Green) Green/Green Does 80000 damage split between all enemies 10 turns
Asmuth (Red) Red/Red Does 80000 damage split between all enemies 10 turns
Asmuth (Yellow) Yellow/Yellow Does 80000 damage split between all enemies 10 turns
Total HP: 21893


The enemies for this level are Paradoxes and Reapers.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Paradox Pixelated AEnemy Blue

Pixelated Paradox A

Blue 1 Paradox opens!: Frenzy 1
Syphon power: Weaken 1
Grow: Heal 1
Paradox Pixelated BEnemy Yellow

Pixelated Paradox B

Yellow 1 Discharge temporal energy: Weaken pink gems 1
Paradox grows!: Lock 1
Reaper PixelatedEnemy GreenEnemy Black

Pixelated Reaper 1 / 2

Green 1 Relentless attacks: Damage 1
Time shift: Immune for 1 turn 1
Black 1 Bomb in 2 turns 1


Wave Enemies
1 Paradox A
2 Paradox B
3 Reaper 1
4 Paradox A
5 Paradox B
6 Reaper 2



Asmuth: Sir, there's something ahead of us, on the scanner.

War Doctor: Those are Reapers! I thought Rassilon said they'd been 'dealt with'.

Asmuth: They were swarming all over this region. We lost scores of ships trying to hold them back.

War Doctor: And it doesn't appear that you did a very good job, either.

Asmuth: That's just it, sir. We didn't do anything. We were losing. Then the Reapers just...disappeared.

War Doctor: Disappeared?

Asmuth: There was a massive wave of time distortion, and then they were all gone. We presumed someone had deployed a weapon from the Omega arsenal.

War Doctor: And now they're back. Hold on, Asmuth. This is going to be a rough ride!


Asmuth: That seems to be the last of them, sir.

War Doctor: For now. Alright, Asmuth. Take us down. Let's see if we can find out what's causing all this.