In regards to spoilers the DWLegacy Wiki uses the following policy:

  • Released Content: Any content that is accessible to regular players, whether through normal play, codes or the Fan Area, is considered released and can be freely used to improve the Wiki.
  • Unreleased/Announced Content: Any content that is not accessible in-game but that is officially announced by the developers can be included only if it follows the rules for spoiler pages outlined below. This includes any statement made officially on public platforms like the official website, the newsletter, twitch announcements or various social media sources.
    • Note: Due to the fact that the developers have previously let others used their Facebook account for community/admin purposes, only facebook post can be used as sources. However facebook comments are not to be used as legitimate sources.
  • Leaked Content: Any content that isn't released or announced is strictly forbidden, no matter what source it originates from. Examples for this would be information obtained through coding errors, cheat codes or datamining. Leaked content is not allowed and will be removed immediately.

Rules for spoiler pages

If an article is considered to be a spoiler, it must follow these rules:

  • A spoiler tag must be added at the top of the page. A spoiler tag can be added by typing {{spoiler}} at the beginning of the article.
  • All spoiler must be contained within collapsible paragraphs. {{spoiler}} automatically does this.
  • A spoiler article belongs to Category:Upcoming or possible other spoiler related categories but not to regular categories. For example an upcoming companion doesn't belong to Category:Companions
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