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Our aim is to provide resources for players of the Doctor Who Legacy mobile game developed by Tiny Rebel Games. Come join us by becoming one of many Cybermen or you will be deleted editors and edit any article right now by clicking on the Edit link that appears at the top of a page. The game was closed down 18 February 2019, but information about all released content will still be available for readers.

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ThatDWLguy ThatDWLguy July 9, 2016

My favorite farming levels

These are the levels I mostly use to farm stuff. To be honest I write this blog mostly just in case I forget something myself ;-) - but maybe someone else finds it useful.

Note: A large amount of these levels are Fan Area (or other Premium Areas), so…

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Fiveofeight Fiveofeight December 28, 2015

Stun strategy

The stun strategy in Doctor Who: Legacy involves stunning the enemy indefinitely. Originally stun characters were stronger, with shorter cooldowns and longer stun durations, which led to a very easy means of defeating even expert levels; that led to …

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