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Christmas 2016 Pixel is the sixtieth level of the Fan Area (formerly the second level of 2016 Xmas). The 100% drop for the level is a Time Crystal. The secondary 100% drop for the level is outfits for Sarah Jane Smith, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and Kate Stewart.


The player is given a pre-set team of characters that may have different colors, powers, and cooldowns than normal. Asmuth is not currently obtainable as an ally.

Name Gem Color Ability Cooldown
The First Doctor Blue/Yellow Select a gem to change that color to blue. 30 combos
Drops in up to 12 blue gems after turn ends. 50 combos
Sarah Jane Smith Yellow/Blue Deal 25% damage to enemies current HP. 12 turns
Jack Harkness Yellow/Yellow Stun target enemy for 2 turns. 9 turns
Fan Area Grace Holloway Yellow/Yellow Increase 20% damage to all Yellow attacks for 1 turn. 6 turns
Asmuth (Red) Red/Red Does 80000 damage split between all enemies. 10 turns
The Eighth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Black/Green Select a gem to change that color to black. 6 turns
Total HP: 18223


The enemies for this level are Clockwork Droids and The TARDIS.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Pixelated Clockwork Woman BEnemy Black

Pixelated Clockwork Woman B

Black 4500 2 Slash: Damage 1
Spare parts: Remove 1
Pixelated Clockwork Man BEnemy Yellow

Pixelated Clockwork Man B

Yellow 2k 1 Slash: Damage 15% 1
Stun 1
Pixelated TARDIS Console BEnemy Red

Pixelated TARDIS Console B

Red 4300 2 Doctor override detected!: Damage 40% 1
Bomb random gems 600 in 4 turns 1
Ring cloister bell: Remove 1
Release toxic gas: Poison 15% for 20 turns 1
Initiate system defenses: Weaken pink gems 1
Disable interior lighting: Blind 1
Secure terminal: Immunity for 3 turns 1
Re-route power: Heal 1


Wave Enemies
1 Pixelated Clockwork Woman Pixelated Clockwork Man
2 Pixelated TARDIS Console