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This category contains all allies with Gem Drop powers.

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Allies Gem Color Gem Amount Cooldown
The Seventh Doctor + Portrait Red Red 20 40 Combos
Gabriella "Gabby" Gonzalez Portrait Red Red 20 8 Turns
Wilfred Mott Portrait Red Red 18 7 Turns
The First Doctor Portrait Blue Blue 12 40 Combos
Gwen Cooper Portrait Yellow Yellow 18 7 Turns
The Fifth Doctor + Portrait Yellow Yellow 25 35 Combos
Winder (Yellow) Portrait Yellow Yellow 16 7 Turns
The Third Doctor Portrait Yellow Yellow 12 50 Combos
Santa Claus + Portrait Green Green 27 8 Turns
The Fifth Doctor Portrait Green Green 11 50 Combos
The Seventh Doctor Portrait Green Green 10 60 Combos
Charlotte Elspeth Pollard Portrait Black Black 18 7 Turns
Trickster TARDIS Portrait Black Black 20 7 Turns
Oswin Oswald Portrait Black Black 17 7 Turns
Perkins Portrait Pink Pink 10 6 Turns
Allies Gem Color Gem Amount Cooldown

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