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Cabin fever is the second level of Bigger on the Inside prologue.


Twelfth Doctor: So, go on then, ask me.

Clara Oswald: No.

Twelfth Doctor: Go on! This is fun! Admit it!

Clara Oswald: This isn't remotely fun.

Twelfth Doctor: Go on! Ask me. Ask me how I would deal with a Royal Beast of Peladon while in a...

Clara Oswald: Where this time? Is this the only way you can relax while the TARDIS refuels?

Twelfth Doctor: In a garlic factory!

Amy Pond: Yours is almost as bad as mine.

Eighth Doctor: Leave them be, it's good to be prepared. You never know what could be around the next...

The 8th Doctor senses something and looks over at the central console. A lifetime of connection to the psychic circuits of the TARDIS, a sixth sense. He's not alone, a second later the console is crowded with his incarnations.

Third Doctor: There's something on the scanner, but it's traveling far too fast. Possibly some sort of controlled superlucent emission.

Eleventh Doctor: BATTLESTA...

(The TARDIS is hit)

Tenth Doctor: Damage?

Amy Pond: Please tell me you were about to scream "battle stations".

Eleventh Doctor: This is no time for...well, yes, I was. But you're never to speak of that again. I expected it to be more...

Amy Pond: Gallant?

Eleventh Doctor: Useful. Everyone, up, now. Let's see what the...

The central console sparks and screams.

Eleventh Doctor: ...damage is like.