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ThatDWLguy ThatDWLguy 9 July 2016

My favorite farming levels

These are the levels I mostly use to farm stuff. To be honest I write this blog mostly just in case I forget something myself ;-) - but maybe someone else finds it useful.

Note: A large amount of these levels are Fan Area (or other Premium Areas), so for someone who only has the standard levels, this might not be helpful.

There is also the weekly changing Fan Area level Experimental Relative Dimension, but I find it only really worthwhile if I need both droped fragments. Since it quite often drops a Rank 5 fragment, which I normally have more than enough, I seldom do that level - besides for getting my weekly Time crystal ;-).

Most often I use my 5 color max ATK team to farm these levels. Mostly because that way I can finish them quite fast. D…

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Hfelton Hfelton 4 April 2016

Farming Time Fragments...

While the idea of farming for time-fragments is going to be full of opinions, there are actually a few officially-sanctioned solutions located in the Fan-Area which not everyone might know about...  I went ahead and composed a sandbox-page which might be a start for such a resource...  hth, h.

edit - forgot the LINK

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Felicityk Felicityk 4 January 2016

The Event dialogue

This post contains all the dialogue from The Event levels 1-3 as they evolved.

  • 1 The Future (Original version)
  • 2 The Present (Original version)
    • 2.1 Intro
    • 2.2 Outro
  • 3 The Past (Original version)
    • 3.1 Intro
    • 3.2 Outro
  • 4 The Future (3/1/2016)
  • 5 The Present (10/1/2016)
  • 6 The Past (17/1/2016)
    • 6.1 Intro
    • 6.2 After Wave 1
    • 6.3 Outro
  • 7 The Past (13/3/2016)
    • 7.1 Intro
    • 7.2 Outro
  • 8 The Present (13/3/2016)
    • 8.1 Intro
    • 8.2 Outro
  • 9 The Future (13/3/2016)
    • 9.1 Intro
    • 9.2 After Wave 1
    • 9.3 Outro

War Doctor: If I never see the inside of a Cyber Legion ship again it will be too soon...

Harry Sullivan: You know, after I created ZX-7, I was going to move on to an answer to the cyber-menace.

The 12th Doctor looks at Harry for a moment, but holds his tongue.

Bannakaffalatta: Incoming!

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: Any wo…

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Fiveofeight Fiveofeight 28 December 2015

Stun strategy

The stun strategy in Doctor Who: Legacy involves stunning the enemy indefinitely. Originally stun characters were stronger, with shorter cooldowns and longer stun durations, which led to a very easy means of defeating even expert levels; that led to them being weakened to their current state.

Notably, no stun character has a cooldown of less than 9. Most have stun durations of 2 turns at maximum rank. Incidentally, many of their rank 6 powers are the same as their rank 5 powers. The upshot is that a full-stun team needs to be fully dedicated to stunning: all five companion choices need to be stun characters, since it's not possible to indefinitely stun an enemy with only 4 companion powers. (Use of the War Doctor might allow some leeway but a…

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Prof. Chronotis Prof. Chronotis 25 November 2015

Companion scoreboard

Yes, this table is very similar to the one in Category:Companions. In fact anything but the attribute stats of all free and Fan Area allies was copied from there in the first revision - and I have compared those to make sure both tables have them correct. My intention is to create a ranking of companions based on all three attribute stats (HP, Heal and ATK[1+2]) using a spread sheet that I am exporting this table from.

Here's the maths:

MaxX/MinX indicate the highest and lowest stat among all characters in a given attribute. Each attribute quote results in a value between 0 (lowest) and 1 (highest).

Last updated: May 18, 2017 (Grace Holloway +, Fan Martha Jones)

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ThatDWLguy ThatDWLguy 6 September 2015

Rank 6 Upgradeable Character Overview (+ Star Count)

Last and final update: 2015/11/23

Since the Rank 6 upgrade is now completed and this post thus serves no real purpose, I will not longer maintain this list (but leave it here for 'historical purposes').

Edit: The code I used to automatically compute the current maximum number of stars still required a manual purge of this page. Hence I removed it to not display outdated information. It can be obtained quite easily via Doctors and Companions.

Last and final update: 2015/11/23

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Dalek54120 Dalek54120 8 June 2015

Strategy Teams

Hi guys this is dalek54120.

I am starting a new thing called strategy teams. Ask me what level you need help with and I will do my best in thinking up a team for you.

Yours sincerely dalek54120.

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Doctor714 Doctor714 4 May 2015

New Characters

Which characters do you want to see that is not in the Misselaneous Spoilors page? Put the character you want to see and the primary and secondary colors and episode(s) they were in (unless they were a companion, then put which Doctor they were a companion too.

Me: Tim Latimer (Human Nature/The Family of Blood)

Primary: Green

Secondary: Black

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Dtoborg Dtoborg 17 February 2015

Sortable Character Sheet

The fllowing is a link to a spreadsheet with  all characters with confirmed primary and secondary colours by the time of this post. Feel free to add any that are not on the sheet, and when new characters come out, so it can be kept up to date.


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Doctor714 Doctor714 5 February 2015


Can someone help me on the Chapter 1 level: Time Attack: Robots! I keep failing the level. I have the following Doctors and companions:

Doctors: 4, 6, 7, 9-12

Companions: Porridge, Rory, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Danny Pink. Astrid Peth, Clara Oswald, Courtney Woods, and Sam Garner

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ShiLyn ShiLyn 21 December 2014

Fragment Mining & Level Grinding

  • 1 Fragment Mining and Level Grinding
    • 1.1 What is Mining and Grinding?
  • 2 Fragment Mining
    • 2.1 Fragment Mining levels table
  • 3 Level Grinding
  • 4 Other Guides
  • 5 Tips to stop the grinding boredom

I’m a Miner and Grinder when it comes to levelling up my characters. I feel that if I had all my characters levelled up to 50 I would probably lose interest in playing the game until new content comes out which at the moment is once a week. Even so I felt levelling the slow way (without using Time Crystals) was the way for me to go. That way i can save up my weekly 2 time crystals i get with the daily bonus to unlock perks and buy rare characters from the store.

Well for the people new to the game
Mining is when you play levels solely to get time fragments to drop so yo…

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ThatDWLguy ThatDWLguy 15 December 2014

Checklist for adding a new character

Here is a simple checklist of things that should be done if a new character is added to the wiki (beyond simple creating the character page and adding the values).

  1. Adding categories to the character. For more details see DWLegacy Wiki:Rules for ordering character categories.
  2. Add the character to Template:Allies Navbox (or more precisely to the corresponding template that is part of the navbox).
  3. Add the character to Template:CharactersTable.
  4. Add the character to the overview on Category:The Doctor or Category:Companions.
  5. Some power categories pages feature overview tables and need to be updated.
  6. For each character the wiki uses several images. If you upload one of these, be sure to match the file name conventions. These images are:
    • Rank 5 portrait…
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ThatDWLguy ThatDWLguy 27 November 2014

November 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Doctor Who Legacy!

Doctor Who Legacy celebrates its first year anniversary!

While Season 8 is finished, we got a first glimpse at Chapter 4, introducing the remaining incarnations of the Doctor to the storyline. With the addition of Chapter 4 the first three seasons also changed their name and are now known as Chapter 1 to Chapter 3.

The needed remaining is in progress. Most changes (especially related to categories) is/will be done by admins. In order to not interfere with that process it is easier for all to wait a bit or to post about what you want to change. Best address for any feedback/issues related to the change is the Season/Chapter renaming thread.

In the not so far future the new Advent Calendar will open its doors, b…

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Alpha1812 Alpha1812 27 November 2014

Team Ideas, Rank 5, Chapter 3 Epilogue

By the time The Hunt for Greyhound One was released, perk was released and rank 5 turned every converter convert 2 colors. these 2 changes actually brought a big change to the Convert + Boost combo.

First of all with the perk Wave Enhance, it has made boosters with 10% boost less useful. Second it now takes 6 turns charge up convert. In certain senses, these changes are both blessing and curse to Convert + Boost combo. On the one hand, there are 2 more turns of cooldown of convert. On the other hand, it is now possible to have a mono color team that can convert an entire board into a single color. However with the increase in power, I have gone back to a duo color team since it is strong enough to deal with the threats at this point. This …

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Alpha1812 Alpha1812 16 November 2014

Team Ideas, Rank 4, Late Chapter 3

When Season 5 was finally released in April, I participated in the speed run during that Easter weekend. While I was not the fastest to beat it, I still managed to beat it within 48 hours of release.

Before the difficulty rebalancing, Season 5 was definitely hard, even harder than some of the newer Expert Levels. I got through with 2 teams, 1 is the bombers team to deal with the Toclafane and the other is my mono-blue team, the team I am going to show case here:

The truth is this team is not very different from the one I used near the end of Season 6. (The team I showcased last week) So why did make the changes?

The change is once again due to a lack of power. A fact more noticable when trying to speed run Season 5. As I said, Season 5 was ha…

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3ter1 3ter1 12 November 2014

Farming Time Fragments

  • 1 Farming Fragments for Beginners-- What does it mean?
  • 2 Tier 1 Fragments
  • 3 Pink/Tier 2 Fragment
  • 4 Tier 3 Fragments

A lot of people are not avid gamers, so here is an explanation of what "farming" means in the gaming world.

Farming is a term used to describe the collection of a resource, in this case fragments (or experience, but that's for a different page), and it applies to all methods and restrictions associated with the game in question. For example, you can only farm time fragments by completing levels, and each level will drop different fragments in different proportions and amounts, in addition to taking less/more time, advanced characters, or effort.

((this part of this page to be deleted once constructed) What is the Goal for this Page?

I a…

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Alpha1812 Alpha1812 8 November 2014

Team Ideas, Rank 4, Late Chapter 2, Early Chapter 3

Contiuing from last week, now we turn our attention towards the end of Season 6. For me , multi color teams suffer from a massive drop in power in Season 6, levels takes much longer to beat and I began looking for ways to increase my damage output.

There are several ways to increase damage output: First allow more allies attacking during the same turn, thids in turn meant putting in more allies of the same color. Second increase the number of gems in 1 combo. Third, Increase the number of combos boost the damage of the gems and finally boost the damage of the gems. Of the 4, the number of combos that can be achieved is based on luck. The rest are to a certain degree, within the players' control.

As a result we start seeing early conception o…

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Alpha1812 Alpha1812 31 October 2014

Team Ideas, Rank 2, Late Chapter 1, Early Chapter 2

It's nearly a year since the game launched, I thought I would share some team ideas, more importantly do something we don't do very often here, provide some recommendations/ideas for beginners of the game.

This first part starts with Season 7. Early in Season 7, the team combination is not important becuase a at the start of the game, most of us do not have a lot of companions to choose from.

However towards the end of Season 7, we should all be familiar with the game  and most of us would have come up with 1 or 2 teams that we are comfortable with. At this point in the game, it is not quite possible to have a mono/duo color team yet because we haven't reached Season 6. Therefore going into the finale, most of us would still be running a mul…

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ThatDWLguy ThatDWLguy 31 October 2014

October 31, 2014

Tom Baker, The Fourth Doctor, has joined the game!! Doctor Who: Legacy now contains every (canonical/main/TV/) incarnation of our favorite Time Lord.

With the ongoing "madness" of weekly content it is really hard to to do news. Maybe it would have been better to wait for the end of Season 8 or the addition of the next new content batch (TRG has hinted at "Bigger on the Inside" which should launch some time after Season 8), but certainly this news should have been posted even earlier.

In some less other exciting notes the weekly additions lately covered a whole bunch of things, like:

  • most prominent: Season 8 content
  • new Expert Levels
  • new costumes
  • new allies
  • even more stuff (like Roundels as a new gem skin)

With the recent shift to adding smaller chun…

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Tabitenor17 Tabitenor17 28 September 2014

September 28th, 2014

A lot happened in the world of Tiny Rebel Games this month!

- Pippa Bennett-Warner, the woman who played Saibra, will (we hope) be joining TheAdiposeTV for this Thursday's Doctor Who: Legacy livestream on Twitch! Head over to www.twitch.tv/theadiposetv at 8pm BST/12pm PST.

- Over the past couple of weeks, Tiny Rebel has been adjusting the powers of the stunners. The final adjustments, to the Green Winder and Special Agent Amy Pond, should be made this weekend.

- TRG started a costume donation fund so that fans can directly contribute to getting long-sought-after costumes into the game. The costumes are selected during the Twitch livestreams. The trial run was for Rory Williams's Centurion outfit, otherwise known as Rory the Roman. It has been…

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Fiveofeight Fiveofeight 11 September 2014

Methods for determining enemy stats

Determining HP
  • Poison: For most enemies (HP >=100), poison is the best method to determine their HP. Example: If your poison power takes away 6% of max HP each turn, then divide the amount of HP the enemy loses to poison by 0.06 to get the enemy's total HP. Note: This is often subject to rounding error; for instance, treat a number like 11999 as 12000.
  • Counting pings: This is a slow way, but it is often the best option to determine the HP of enemies with high defence and low HP. Basically, attack/poison/whatever them for 1 damage increments and count how much damage it takes to defeat them. Note: If the enemy has both low HP and low defence, this may be difficult, but poison will work if the enemy has sufficient HP to take 1/turn from poison…
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Dalek54120 Dalek54120 7 September 2014

Levels in need of creating

The following levels need creating. Also if you need help editing go to http://games.jupath.me/dwl. Anyway these levels need creating: Closing Time: Dormant Patience, Closing Time: Rising Up, Closing Time: The Strength of a Father, Horror of the Silent, Whispermen Nightmares!, Sontaran Disturbance: A Good Man Goes to War, Dalek Invasion 2024, Dalek Invasion 2024: On the Dalek Ship, Time Attack: Space Dreams of Whispermen, Time Attack: Dinosaurs!, Night Terrors: Fears of a Child, Night Terrors: A Wooden House, Night Terrors: Nowhere to Run, Night Terrors: Acceptance, Sontaran Reinforcements, Time Attack: 1892, Unholy Alliance: A New Ally, Unholy Alliance: On the Run, Unholy Alliance: Counterattack, The Wedding of River Song: The War of the …

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Dalek54120 Dalek54120 7 September 2014

Levels in need of editing

Hey guys the following levels need to be edited so we can have a finished wiki to help new comers in the game. These levels include of: Meanwhile..., Paradox of the Zygons, No Green Gems: Old friends, older enemies part 1, Sontaran Disturbance: The Name of the Doctor, Time Attack: Angel Hosts, (Mid season 7) The 11th Doctor Challenge 1, The Girl Who Waited: Sacrifice, Second in Command, Angels and Cybermen, Time Attack: Peg Dolls, No Yellow Gems: The Drums, Zygon Onslaught, Closing Time: Under the Streets, The Girl Who Waited: Two Streams, No blue gems: Bubble universe Beta part 2, (Late season 7) The 6th Doctor Challenge 1, Time Attack: Run!, Dalek Invasion 2024: Sudden Defence (Timed), The Almost People: Revenge, Time of Angels Sneak Pea…

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ShiLyn ShiLyn 27 August 2014

Season 7 Teams - Just for Fun

Just for a bit of fun since doing the deep breath team for the deep breath episode I have decided to go back through each of the old season 7 episodes using teams of the companions that appeared in the TV episode. Its like Role playing the eps in the game.

Unfortunately you are unable to use these teams until the characters drop and not all the characters will drop in season 7 but it is fun to go back and play the episode with them after you have all the characters. If any more companions that are in the TV episodes appear in the game I will update the blog.

So as I mentioned in my other post none of the teams I place here have any strategic value. These teams will not at times be the right one for the episode but it is a challenge to try an…

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ShiLyn ShiLyn 27 August 2014

Deep Breath Team

I thought it would be fun to create a team using only the characters that appeared in the episode.
Due to this reason this team ignores special abilities of characters and HP, ATK,HEAL levels. It is purely together because each character appeared in the TV episode of the same name. I kind of get a kick out of playing the Deep Breath Levels with the Deep Breath characters.

As you can see there are only 4 characters that accompanied the doctor so I added a fan Area Strax, but you can change him out for Clara Oswald + or Strax + as i sometimes do while im levelling them up to add a bit of variety. You might also need to do this if you wish to play the Hard Level of Deep Breath.

Edit:Im feeling like a silly Who Fan at the moment i totally forgot …

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 22 August 2014

August 22, 2014

The new Season 8 levels will be introduced this weekend. The levels will have different difficulty sets and will introduce the 100% Drop Twelfth Doctor (black/blue), as well as an expert version in the Expert Levels. It will come with the Version 2.4 update which will also change the game icon, along with other aesthetical updates.

There will be a new special Twitch Livestream on Sunday 24 which will see the release of an exclusive Jenny Flint outfit, the first in a series of Season 8 costumes.

Kylie Minogue has signed in for Astrid Peth in the game, and the new Rose Tyler Union Jacket outfit is already in the works.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 14 August 2014

News: August 13, 2014

The Season 5 prologue levels, as well as their toned down version The Hunt For Greyhound One were released today as part of the Version 2.3 update. Other features include new characters and perks. To see what information needs to be added to the wiki, keep an eye on the Dalek Pathweb in the main page, and also on Category:Needs Improvement.

In commemoration of the update, TRG has released here a special code to unlock a single time crystal.

Next upcoming batch of content in the game is Season 8, which is set to be released around the same time as the eighth season of the Doctor Who TV show. Instead of releasing a singular pack of levels at once, a few group of levels will be released weekly hours after the original BBC broadcast of the episo…

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Dalek54120 Dalek54120 10 August 2014


Hey Everyone For editing levels here is a site you might want to use. Jupath Me I think it's called. You can find the link to it on the doctor who legacy site. It saves time from having to look at the iPad, Android or PC. And also please comment bellow on which character you would like me to do a team on. Thanks, Dalek54120.

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Sapciofilm Sapciofilm 3 August 2014

Work on wiki 3rd of August, 2014

Things I've done today on Wiki:

  1. Made a page for Young Sarah Jane.
  2. Correct a link from The Fourth Doctor to YSarah Jane.
  3. Added The Fifth Doctor and The Winder to a list of THFG1 drops (levels, where they drop where confirmed).
  4. The Fourth Doctor in Miscellaneous Spoilers - added first episode with him.
  5. Added Fan Ace to Miscellaneous Spoilers.
  6. Added photos from DW:L Facebook, that weren't added.
  7. Corrected a bit THFG1 gallery.
  8. Added season, where Ace drops (THFG1)
  9. Changed Idris default costume. To one with no caption.

Things, that should be done too:

  1. Add "first appearence" for "Ninth Doctor Regen costume" in "Fan Area" outfit list.
  2. As soon as more information confirmed: add Brigadier and other characters from THFG1.
  3. Must fix "Spoilers/Exterminate Spoilers"…

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ThatDWLguy ThatDWLguy 2 August 2014

5 color max ATK team

While some people seem to like mono or dual colored teams, I normally play with an even spread of colors.

I normally care only about ATK and not so much about HP, Heal or powers (unless for special levels, like some Expert levels). Therefore I put all available stat points for all characters into ATK. I will also assume that for each character the maximum number of additional stat points is added via fragments and spent on ATK.

This adds an additional 570 ATK to the base stats of each character. It shouldn't have that much impact to which team will be the best (since the additional ATK is distributed pretty evenly among all colors), but since I'm presenting fun numbers, I want to go for the biggest. ;-)

For others who feel the same, I present…

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 1 August 2014

News: August 1, 2014

The next update for the game, introducing The Hunt for Greyhound One and other features, will go into submission for approval tomorrow. More information in the latest team update.

The Fourth Doctor was recently confirmed in the game, but it is unknown when will he be added.

Since yeserday, all Fan Area levels give 150% XP.

A new code was released today in comemoration of one million installs of the game worldwide. The code gives two time crystals and works until August 10th.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 30 July 2014

Referenced episode guide

This guide contains all directly referenced Doctor Who episodes in DWL. Each one is classified by a code: New Series 7, episode 13 = N07-13, Classic Season 26, story arc 4 = C26-04, and so on. The "Seasons" column means the Seasons in which the based levels appear in the game. For classifying reasons, "The Snowmen" is noted as the sixth episode of Season 7, so "The Bells of Saint John" is episode 7 and so on.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 24 July 2014

News: July 24, 2014

Two new companions have been introduced in the game yesterday: Gabriella (Gabby) Gonzalez and Alice Uwaebuka Obiefune. They can both be unlocked using the promo codes in "Titan Comics 10th Doctor #1" and "Titan Comics 11th Doctor #1", respectively. Gabby and one of her outfits can be unlocked using the code in today's newsletter.

Please, do not share those codes on the wiki. Both of the characters will also be available in the game as a rare drop when the new Titan Comics levels come out.

The Hunt for Greyhound One will go into submission for approval in August 1st.

Today, a new patch was released giving 150% XP for all Season 5 levels, as well as increased drop rate for fragments.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 22 July 2014

HELP please!!!

I updated to 2.2,and....

When I enter the game,I get the Load Bar+"Loading* text at the same time as the "Tap to Start".If Itry to tap...it won't work.I'm stuck.

I tried closing the tablet,and trying again,with no different result.


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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 17 July 2014

News: July 17, 2014

Rose Tyler is available in the game, currently only as a store-exclusive character, although she'll be available as a rare drop in The Hunt for Greyhound One. The Fifth Doctor and the Season 5 Mega Pack can also be bought.

All Season 6 levels have 150% XP and improved fragment drop until next week.

Finally, today's Adipose Twitch stream will be joined by Andrew James, editor of the new Titan Doctor Who comics.

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Dalek54120 Dalek54120 12 July 2014

Handles-Team of the Week

Thank you the 2000th doctor for your comment on Handles I've done a robot team which includes: The Eleventh Doctor, Bitey the Cybermite, K-9 Mk2, Rory the Handbot and the Eleventh Doctor's Spoonhead, as well as Handles. And again thank you the 2000th doctor for your comment. Alonsy from Dalek54120.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 10 July 2014

News: July 10, 2014

A code for the 5th Doctor was released in today's newsletter. DO NOT share this code directly here in the wiki, it's exclusive for a reason.

New content introduced in the latest patch:

  • The fan area level Strax has a bad dream, which drops the exclusive blue red character Fan Area Strax
  • The challenge levels (Late season 7) The 6th Doctor Challenge 1 and (Early season 6) The 8th Doctor Challenge 1

The Facebook version of the game has gone gold and will be officially released tonight. The hunt for Greyhound One is expected to go live in August, and new content will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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Alpha1812 Alpha1812 6 July 2014

Wikia News: July 6th 2014

With patch 2.2 now out and the secondary color feature is officially in use with the character template. Here the things to come

Things to do:

insert the attributes and power table tempalte for all doctor and companions

complete all atribute and power for all allies.

Add information about Extra Health, Silent (black)'s new power

Add information about Secondary color on gem colors page

Things to implement:

wikia charatcer template automatic edit -- this is expansion of the character template, so it will automatically edit the first 2 paragraphs for each allies

If successful, auto edit categories as well

change the charater template to auto insert their respectable portrait --- DONE

condense the attributes table and power table tempaltes for rank 1 an…

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Blutech100 Blutech100 6 July 2014

Time Fragment Grinding

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 1 July 2014

Dual color characters spreadsheet

NOTE: The following blog post is unupdated. Its content was moved to Template:CharactersTable, so it can be edited by anyone.

I'm making a simple table to make it easier to identify the Rank 5 characters by their color combination. First, the Doctors in each box follow numerical orders, then comes the companions in alphabetical order.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 28 June 2014

News: June 28, 2014

The Version 2.2 Update was released yesterday. New features include:

  • Daily Log-in bonus
  • New design for the user interface
  • New opening screen
  • Achievements Brilliant IBrilliant II and Brilliant III are now working properly
  • Skill cut-in animation can be turned on/off and gem skins can be changed in the Setting Options
  • Expert Pack has been renamed Expert Levels (picture of the new logo needed in the article)
  • Time crystals can now be spent to upgrade a character to max level (article needs to be updated)
  • Level selection page now has a "New" note when a new level is unlocked

New features which will be included in the upcoming sunday night patch (June 30):

  • Rank 5 and rank 5 gem drops
  • New gem skins (Beast skin and Toclafane skin)
  • Challenge levels

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Dalek54120 Dalek54120 25 June 2014


Hey, it's back, team of the week. Ok so you comment below which character you want a team based around. It can not include silents, new Greyhound One characters, Gabby or Alice costumes, the Moment or expert characters, it can also include costumes from characters not including third doctor costumes. But I will allow portrait costumes. You can also tell me an episode. I would love your choices of characters or shows. Thanks, Dalek54120. :)

P.S. This is just for fun no copyright of TheAdiposeTV's Team of the Week

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 19 June 2014

News: June 19, 2014

TRG has released a new URL for the newsletter, to those subscribers who, for some reason or another, can't see them in their email providers: http://app.mailerlite.com/s7c9u1

This week's newletter (link above) comes with an exclusive code for the 2nd Doctor's portrait costume.

The Version 2.2 update has gone into submission on iTunes and hopefully will be live on all platforms around next week.

Next week's Twitch stream will be broadcasted live in the Tiny Rebel Brewery pub on Urban Tap House, Cardiff, with special giveaways.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 13 June 2014

News: June 13th, 2014 (Updated)

Two new special codes today:

  • A Red Adipose code in comemoration of the 1000 shares and retweets on the posts about the recent milestone of 900.000 downloads in the game: https://www.facebook.com/doctorwholegacy/posts/247599692030935
  • And a special code for Portrait 3rd Doctor, as voted by the livestream viewers: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=247603528697218&set=a.218944361563135.1073741828.218941551563416&type=1

They have also released a new photoset with new images of Version 2.2, including the new opening screen, new gems, new dual color characters and new time fragments: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.247872542003650.1073741839.218941551563416&type=1

Finally TRG created an official forum in the website for discussions an…

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Crystalllized Crystalllized 12 June 2014

Sortable Companion Sheet

I was making this for Evernote for my own personal use, but I figured it would be useful for everyone, so it can now be found at Sortable Companion Sheet. Ideas for further additions include color-coding, making each companion's name a link to their page, adding their images, somehow color-coding Boost and Convert to show which colors of damage, heal, or gem the power works on, and more.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 12 June 2014

News: June 12th, 2014

Today, TRG has released a new letter written by Creative Director Lee Cummings. There, he explains the new mechanics of Version 2.2, and shows us a little of the new design of the game. He also mentions his further plans after 2.2, including a new set of levels to introduce the Fifth Doctor and Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, which wil be dubbed "The hunt for Greyhound One" (a reference to the Brig's codename in UNIT). The letter also comes with a special code. Check it out here: http://www.tinyrebelgames.com/#!letter-from-the-creative-director/c23iw

The official Classic Doctor Who profile on Twitter has released a promo code to unlock the 1st Doctor and his Portrait Outfit: https://twitter.com/classicdw/status/477058074843553…

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Fadedeathdave Fadedeathdave 12 June 2014

More Codes

More codes have been released today, 

1st Doctor Portrait Series

1 (I think) of each Time Fragment (At the bottom of the article, but please actually read it and don't just skip to the bottom  as that defeats the point of it).

Fadedeathdave (talk) 12:04, June 12, 2014 (UTC)

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 5 June 2014

News: June 5th, 2014

An update was released yesterday, with the following features:

  • Rebalanced difficulty for Season 5 levels
  • A Fan Area level which drops the 9th Doctor's regeneration costume
  • The same level, in expert mode, also drops the new character Ianto Jones +
  • The character Adipose (Yellow) was added as a rare drop in the Season 7 level The Snowmen: Backstreets of London
  • The character Silent Priest (Yellow) was added as a rare drop in the Season 6 level Whispers in the Orphanage

Version 2.2 of the game will be submitted for approval in the middle of the month.

A new series of costumes for all 12 Doctors in the game, dubbed "portrait series", was introduced. But currently, only 5 of the outfits can be unlocked, and only via exclusive promo codes:

  • Code 1, for the…
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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 31 May 2014

News: May 31st, 2014

The website Kasterborous is hosting a free Doctor Who Legacy code giveaway. The promo code includes the 3rd Doctor's exclusive green jacket, along with Sarah Jane Smith and one time fragment of each color. It can be found here: http://www.kasterborous.com/2014/05/doctor-legacy-code-giveaway-third-doctor-sarah-jane-smith/

The code will expire in either the midnight of Sunday (June 1st) PST, or when 1000 codes have been claimed, so I'd suggest you all to grab it before it's over.

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Trenzalore456 Trenzalore456 29 May 2014

News: May 29th, 2014

A new patch for the game was released today, which includes the following content:

  • The 10th Doctor's Longcoat outfit was added as a rare drop in the Season 7 level The Name of the Doctor: Trenzalore
  • The addition of a new expert level, They are coming, with a 100% drop of an expert version of the 11th Doctor
  • A blue characters sale on the store
  • Fan Area bonus exp was extended until the weekend, and next week all Fan Area levels will have 150% fragment drop rate

Version 2.2 of the game will be released next month, introducing, among other features:

  • Dual color rank 5 characters
  • Reward system for playing the game daily
  • An interface overhaul to make it cleaner, more intuitive and easier to use
  • On/Off toggle for the eye animation when using an ally abilit…
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