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For the 2014 Advent Calendar, see 2014 Advent.

In December 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and the launch of Doctor Who: Legacy, a special, month-long Advent Calendar promotion was offered during the lead-up to Christmas. Each day from the 1st to 25th of December, new content was added to the game, either through the use of promotional codes or new additions requiring no promo code.

Promo codes can be entered once per device on the promo tab under the Options menu. Each code provided as part of the promotion was usable until the last day of December at midnight UK time.

Note: All of the codes listed below have now expired. All drops were added to the regular game. All levels that were added as part of the Advent Pack have been redesigned and become part of Chapter 3. However levels added to the Fan Area remain playable.


The following game content was made available as part of this promotional event.

Date Content Promo Code
12/1 Madame Vastra battle outfit U97L-Y779-F4GP-4NJ5
12/2 K9 MK II companion 7339-AS8B-57KH-4U5C
12/3 Jenny Flint maid outfit WP24-936Q-JXZE-94J9
12/4 Heart time fragment 5TY9-2U24-87JN-99LF
12/5 The Impossible Planet level None (added to Advent Pack)
12/6 Ood companion 6Q6U-957N-6SLY-ZY46
12/7 (Time Attack) The Satan Pit: Ten Miles Below level None (added to Advent Pack and Fan Area)
12/8 The Satan Pit: The Beast level None (added to Advent Pack)
12/9 Eleventh Doctor Victorian outfit 7L44-EF5V-9C3S-H4ZK
12/10 Snowmen in the Rain level None (added to Advent Pack)
12/11 Time fragment grab bag (one of each color) 24HM-5Q26-5XSQ-223S
12/12 The Time of Angels level None (added to Advent Pack)
12/13 Tenth Doctor dressing gown outfit 9968-754T-R9S4-7KH9
12/14 Eleventh Doctor motorcycle outfit UU85-M938-G536-9JBG
12/15 Flesh and Stone: Byzantium Corridors level &
expert modes for the first 4 levels above
None (added to Advent Pack)
12/16 Flesh and Stone: Byzantium Forest level None (added to Advent Pack)
12/17 Sixth Doctor None (added to The Silent Paradox)
12/18 Red time fragment  + 3 Green time fragment JSTS-M95S-8696-Y63V
12/19 Victory of the Daleks level None (added to Advent Pack)
12/20 Seventh Doctor None (added to Paradox of the Weeping Angels)
12/21 (Bonus Exp) Endurance: A Great Christmas! level None (added to Advent Pack)
12/22 Sarah Jane Smith FZBM-J896-A7NJ-GB8W
12/23 Eighth Doctor None (added to Whispermen Paradox)
12/24 Re-release of all promo code items as listed above (Time fragments are redeemed again when entered) 42M7-59EG-MV77-VRUW
12/25 Our Christmas Invasion level None (added to Advent Pack)