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10th Doctor: Any enemy you have ever met is the tenth level of Bigger on the Inside prologue. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 25630 experience. The 100% drop for the level is a pixelated outfit for Rory Williams.


The enemies for this level are Judoon.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Pixelated Judoon HelmetEnemy BlueEnemy Yellow

Enemy GreenEnemy Red Pixelated Judoon A 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Blue 200k 1k 3k 1 Ko!: Weaken blue 70% 1
Bo!: Remove 1
Yellow 200k 1k 3k 1 Sho!: Weaken yellow 70% 1
Roe!: Remove 1
Green 200k 2k 3k 1 Bo!: Weaken green 70% 1
Sho!: Remove 1
Red 200k 2k 3k 1 Po!: Weaken pink 70% 1
Go!: Remove 1
Pixelated JudoonEnemy RedEnemy Black

Pixelated Judoon B 1 / 2

Red 200k 1k 3k 1 No!: Weaken red 70% 1
Bo!: Remove 1
Black 200k 2k 3k 1 Blo!: Weaken black 70% 1
Ko!: Remove 1


Wave Enemies
1 Pixelated Judoon A 1 Pixelated Judoon B 1 Pixelated Judoon A 2
2 Pixelated Judoon A 3 Pixelated Judoon B Pixelated Judoon A 4



As Amy Pond slaps the Doctor's jacket to put out the fire, he explains what has been happening.

Amy Pond: So everyone has been split up, and the virus has shut off the safety protocols, which led to your...fire incident?

Tenth Doctor: It's just a little burn, but it means that the safety protocols have been fully disabled. We can be hurt now, really hurt, the stakes were just raised.

Amy Pond: And the virus can create any enemy you have ever met, inside any environment you've ever been to?

Tenth Doctor: Everywhere I've ever been, and a few more on top. We're in real danger.

Judoon: Bo! Sho! Po!

Rory Williams: I'm assuming these things aren't friendly?

Tenth Doctor: Sometimes. Depends.

Judoon: Target: The Doctor. Charge: Crimes untold. Plea: Guilty. Sentence: Execution!

Tenth Doctor: Not today it would seem.