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For the original version, see Time splinters 2.

(Warped) Time splinters 2 is the fifty-ninth level of Chapter 3 and one of the levels altered by The Event.


The player is given a pre-set team of characters that will drop over the course of The Event. One character's power has been affected by The Trickster.

Name Gem Colors Ability Cooldown
Trickster The Tenth Doctor Green/Green Convert yellow and black gems to green 10 combos
Select a gem to change that color to green 30 combos
Trickster Saibra Yellow/Yellow Chaos: Increase the damage of a random color by 1% 6 turns
Trickster Sarah Jane Smith Red/Green Deal 24% damage to all enemies 10 turns
Trickster Zygon Blue/Red Convert 2 random gem colors to another 6 turns
Trickster Peri Red/Black Reset all gems 6 turns
Trickster TARDIS Black/Green Drop in up to 20 black gems after turn ends 7 turns
Total HP: 12948


The enemies in this level are three Zygons, Zygon doubles of a Punishment Medic and a Punishment Soldier, Gantok, two Adipose, a Dalek Transporter, two Daleks, a Sontaran and two Sontaran Flagships.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Zygon Enemy Red

Zygon A

Red 75k 800 3.5k 2 Syphon: Weaken pink gems 70% 1
Zygon Punishment Medic Enemy Green

Zygon Punishment Medic

Green 65k 800 2k 1 Bandage ally: Heal ally 12k HP 2
Zygon Punishment Soldier Enemy Yellow

Zygon Punishment Soldier

Yellow 70k 800 4.5k 2
Gantok Enemy Black


Black 90k 800 6k 2 Stun blue: 5 turns 1
Stun green: 5 turns 1
Grab black: Remove black gems 1
Blind 1
Stun: all for 2 turns 1
Adipose Enemy Blue


Blue 45k 800 1.5k 1
Dalek Transporter Enemy Black

Dalek Transporter

Black 60k 800 4k 2
Strategist Dalek Enemy Blue

Strategist Dalek

Blue 60k 800 1.8k 1
Drone Dalek Enemy Red

Drone Dalek

Red 65k 800 5.8k 3
Rifle Sontaran B Enemy Yellow

Rifle Sontaran B

Yellow 55k 800 5.6k 3
Sontaran Flagship Enemy Black

Sontaran Flagship 1 / 2

Black 85k 800 5k 2 Block sensors: Blind 1
Incoming - Brace!: Stun all for 1 turn 1
Lock corner: Lock II 1
Shuffle 1
Engineering team: Heal 20k HP 1
Black 85k 800 2.5k 1 Torpedo: Bomb: 4k after 2 turns 1
Lock set: Lock II 1
Poison: 10%/turn for 10 turns 1


Wave Enemies
1 Zygon A Zygon A
2 Punishment Medic Punishment Soldier
3 Gantok
4 Adipose Adipose Dalek Transporter
5 Strategist Dalek Drone Dalek
6 Zygon A Rifle Sontaran
7 Sontaran Flagship 1 Sontaran Flagship 2



Reality warps around you, the Trickster has control!