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For the original version, see Nerves of Dalekanium.

(Warped) Nerves of Dalekanium is the twenty-second level of Chapter 1 and one of the levels altered by The Event. The rare drop for the level is Angie Maitland.


The player is given a pre-set team of characters that will drop over the course of The Event. Two characters' powers have been affected by The Trickster.

Name Gem Colors Ability Cooldown
Trickster The Tenth Doctor Green Convert yellow and black gems to green 25 combos
Select a gem to change that color to green 45 combos
Trickster Peri Red Reset all gems 10 turns
Trickster TARDIS Black Chaos: Drop in up to 1 black gem after turn ends 12 turns
Trickster Saibra Yellow Chaos: Increases the damage of a random color by 1% 9 turns
Trickster Zygon Blue Convert 2 random gem colors to another 10 turns
Trickster Sarah Jane Smith Red Deal 180 damage to all enemies 9 turns
Total HP: 818


The enemies for this level are Dalek Puppets, Snowmen, Daleks, and the Great Intelligence.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Dalek PuppetEnemy Black

Dalek Puppet

Black 1000 0 160 2
Snowman MediumEnemy Yellow

Medium Snowman

Yellow 1200 0 160 2
Strategist DalekEnemy Blue

Strategist Dalek

Blue 1500 0 70 1
Scientist DalekEnemy Green

Scientist Dalek

Green 1200 0 300 3
Supreme DalekEnemy Black

Supreme Dalek

Black 1300 0 80 1
Great IntelligenceEnemy Black

Great Intelligence

Black 4500 0 200 2 Freeze!: Stun target for 2 turns 1
Syphon: Weaken pink gems 1


Wave Enemies
1 Dalek Puppet Snowman
2 Strategist Dalek Scientist Dalek
3 Supreme Dalek Great Intelligence Strategist Dalek



Reality warps around you, the Trickster has control!