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(L50) Experimental Relative Dimension Strand of Time is the forty-ninth level of the Fan Area. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 37500 experience.


The enemies for this level are Cybermen, Silents, a Sontaran Flagship, Sontarans and the Great Intelligence.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Upright Cyberman Enemy Blue

Upright Cyberman

Blue 500 6k 1 Immune for 30 turns 0
Reflect Green for 30 turns 1
Spawn: Summon Distant Standard Cyberman 1
Transform: Convert 1
Cyberman Enemy Black

Distant Standard Cyberman

Black 25k 0 Snipe 10%: Damage 10% HP 1
Dalek Silent E Enemy Red

Dalek-converted Silent E

Red 8 2.2k 2 Forget Gem: Blind 1
Dalek Silent C Enemy Blue

Distant Dalek-converted Silent C

Blue 60 3k 1 Forget: Summon Dalek-converted Silent D / E 1
Forget Attack: Stun 1
Dalek Silent D Enemy Yellow

Dalek-converted Silent D

Yellow 8 1.7k 1 Heal ally 1
Sontaran Flagship Enemy Blue

Distant Sontaran Flagship

Blue 40 3k 1 Shield startup: Invincibility for 3 turns 1
Troops: Summon Carbine / Rifle / Axe Sontaran A 1
Cannon: Damage 1
Carbine Sontaran A Enemy Black

Carbine Sontaran A

Black 8 2.2k 1
Rifle Sontaran A Enemy Yellow

Rifle Sontaran A

Yellow 8 3.5k 1
Axe Sontaran A Enemy Black

Axe Sontaran A

Black 12 2.2k 1 Slash: Damage 3
Great Intelligence Enemy Green

Great Intelligence

Green 500k 1k 5k 1 Immune for 99 turns 0
Poison for 99 turns 1
Reflect colour for 1 turn 1


Wave Enemies
1 Upright Cyberman
2 Dalek-converted Silent E Distant Dalek-converted Silent C Dalek-converted Silent D
3 Distant Sontaran Flagship
4 Great Intelligence