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(L40) Tenth Doctor Titan Adventures pt2 is the thirty-fourth level of the Fan Area. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 42457 experience. The 100% drop for the level is an outfit for the Tenth Doctor based on the Titan Comics cover by Alice X. Zhang.


The enemy for this level is a Cerebravore.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
CerebravoreEnemy Black


Black 800k 4k 4500 1 Dread: Poison 15%/turn for 8 turns 1
Consume: Remove any color 1
Immunity 45 turns 1
Sap Emotion: Weaken pink gems 1
Gloom: Weaken blue gems 1
Feed: Life Tap 6k after 3 turns


Wave Enemies
1 Cerebravore