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(L25) Flashforward: A good man goes to war is the eleventh level of the Fan Area. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 22500 experience.


The enemies in this level are Cybermen, Cybermites, Church Clerics, Headless Monks, and Colonel Manton.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
CybermanEnemy Red

Standard Cyberman

Red 6k 0 540 2 Lock: Lock I 1
CybermiteEnemy Blue


Blue 4k 0 450 1
Church ClericEnemy Black

Church Cleric

Black 6k 0 540 2 Heal 1
Headless Monk DEnemy Green

Headless Monk D

Green 8k 0 850 3 Repent: Stun 1
Headless Monk AEnemy Yellow

Headless Monk A

Yellow 6k 0 540 2 Syphon: Weaken pink 1
Colonel MantonEnemy Red

Colonel Manton

Red 20k 0 1500 5


Wave Enemies
1 Cybermite Standard Cyberman Cybermite
2 Standard Cyberman Standard Cyberman Standard Cyberman
3 Headless Monk D
4 Church Cleric Headless Monk D
5 Church Cleric Headless Monk A Headless Monk D
6 Colonel Manton Headless Monk D Church Cleric