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(L25) (Time Attack) Fan Christmas Invasion is the fifteenth level of the Fan Area. The level has a time limit of 800 seconds. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 17496 experience.


The enemies in this level are Wooden Cybermen, Snowmen, Roboform Santas, Roboform Christmas Trees and a Heavenly Host.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Wooden CybermanEnemy Blue

Wooden Cyberman

Blue 6k 100 550 2 Set Alight: Convert to red 1
Snowman MediumEnemy Black

Medium Snowman

Black 9k 100 250 1 Black Ice: Convert blue to black 1
Snowman LargeEnemy Black

Large Snowman

Black 15k 100 800 3
Roboform Christmas TreeEnemy Green

Roboform Christmas Tree

Green 10k 100 400 2 Bauble: Bomb 1500 in 1 Turn 2
Roboform Santa Big HornEnemy Red

Roboform Santa A

Red 6k 100 450 2 HO HO HO: Heal 1
Heavenly HostEnemy Yellow

Heavenly Host

Yellow 18k 100 900 3


This level has 8 waves.

Wave Enemies
1 Wooden Cyberman
2 Medium Snowman Roboform Christmas Tree Wooden Cyberman
3 Wooden Cyberman Roboform Santa
4 Large Snowman Wooden Cyberman
5 Wooden Cyberman Wooden Cyberman
6 Roboform Christmas Tree Roboform Santa Roboform Christmas Tree
7 Wooden Cyberman Roboform Santa Wooden Cyberman
8 Large Snowman Heavenly Host Wooden Cyberman