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(L20) The foreshadowing is the sixth level in the Fan Area. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 11250 experience.


The enemies in this level are a Zygon, as well as Zygon duplicates of Canton Delaware III and Old Canton Delaware III.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
ZygonEnemy Red

Zygon A

Red 3k 0 250 3
Zygon CantonEnemy Blue

Zygon Canton

Blue 8k 0 400 4 Syphon: Weaken pink 50% 1
Zygon Old CantonEnemy Blue

Zygon Old Canton

Blue 8k 0 200 2 Stun: target 1


Wave Enemies
1 Zygon A
2 Zygon Canton
3 Zygon Old Canton
4 Zygon Old Canton Zygon Canton