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(L1) Annas playground 2 (No black, pink gems) is the thirty-seventh level of the Fan Area. As with the original Anna's Playground level, it is intended to be playable by young children, with enemies that do minimal damage.


The enemies for this level include Cybermen, Cybermites, Ood, Robot Knights, Cyber Webley, Statues, Dalek Antibodies, the Great Intelligence, and Smilers.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
CybermanEnemy Blue

Standard Cyberman

Blue 1k 0 1 1
CybermiteEnemy Green


Green 1k 1 1 1
Lit Sphere OodEnemy Black

Lit Sphere Ood

Black 1k 1 1 1 Sing: Heal Ally 1
Red Sphere Ood CEnemy Red

Red Sphere Ood C

Red 1k 1 1 3
Dim Sphere OodEnemy Yellow

Dim Sphere Ood

Yellow 1k 1 1 3
Robot Knight AEnemy Red

Robot Knight A

Red 1k 1 1 2
Robot Knight BEnemy Red

Robot Knight B

Red 1k 1 1 1
Cyber WebleyEnemy Green

Cyber Webley

Green 1k 1 1 Collect: Remove 1
Male StatueEnemy Blue

Male Statue

Blue 1k 1 1 1
Female StatueEnemy Green

Female Statue

Green 1k 1 1 2
Dalek Antibody TrioEnemy Green

Three Dalek Antibodies

Green 1k 1 1 2
Dakek Antibody QuartetEnemy Yellow

Four Dalek Antibodies

Yellow 1k 1 1 1
Great IntelligenceEnemy Green

Great Intelligence

Green 1k 1 1 1 Trick: Shuffle 1
Happy SmilerEnemy Black

Happy Smiler

Black 1k 1 1 1 Help: Convert
Statue of LibertyEnemy Yellow

Statue of Liberty

Yellow 5k 1 1 1


Wave Enemies
1 Cybermite Standard Cyberman Cybermite
2 Lit Sphere Ood Red Sphere Ood C Dim Sphere Ood
3 Robot Knight A Robot Knight B
4 Cyber Webley
5 Male Statue Female Statue
6 Three Dalek Antibodies Four Dalek Antibodies
7 Great Intelligence
8 Happy Smiler Happy Smiler
9 Statue of Liberty