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For the original version, see Flesh and Stone: Into the Byzantium.

(Cracked) Flesh and Stone: Into the Byzantium is the thirty-ninth level of Chapter 3 and one of the levels altered by The Event. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 49204 experience.


The enemies for this level are Weeping Angels. This level contains cracks in time.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Male StatueEnemy Blue

Male Statue

Blue 40k 600 4500 3 Syphon: Weaken pink gems 60% 1
Female StatueEnemy Blue

Female Statue

Blue 50k 600 3500 2
Weeping Angel BEnemy Blue

Weeping Angel B

Blue 60k 600 2500 1 Petrify: Convert to stone 1


Wave Enemies
1 Female Statue
2 Weeping Angel B
3 Male Statue Female Statue
4 Male Statue Male Statue
5 Female Statue Female Statue Female Statue
6 Weeping Angel B Weeping Angel B



The Trickster's activities have opened up cracks in time!