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(12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie) The Cyber King: Merchant Street is the twenty-ninth level of Chapter 4. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 23860 experience. The rare drop for the level is a Time Crystal.


The enemy for this level is the Cyber King.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Rocket AEnemy BlueEnemy Red

Rocket A 1 / 2

Blue 150k 500 1250 1 Forced evasion: Remove 1
Red 150k 500 750 1 Reflect All for 2 turns 1
Rocket BEnemy Yellow

Rocket B

Yellow 150k 500 500 1 Reflect All for 2 turns 1
Rocket CEnemy YellowEnemy Black

Rocket C 1 / 2

Yellow 150k 500 750 1 Reflect All for 25 turns 1
Black 150k 500 750 1 Reflect All for 2 turns 1
Cyber King CloseupEnemy Yellow

Cyber King (closeup)

Yellow 300k 750 2k 1 Scan enemy: Life Tap in 3 turns 1
Adapt shields: Immunity for 20 turns 1
Scan enemy: Convert 1
Exploit weakness: Poison for 10 turns 1
Exploit weakness: Stun 1
Hack: Lock I 1


Wave Enemies
1 Rocket C 1 Rocket A 1
2 Rocket A 2 Rocket B Rocket C 2
3 Cyber King (closeup)



River slams the TARDIS door behind her as she sprints to the central console. The room echoes with the boom of a hundred cyber-fists smashing down against the TARDIS' exterior chronoplasmic shell.

River Song: No time for safety checks, we need to get off the ground and away from those cybermen!

(Scene shifts to Bessie)

Clara Oswald: More rockets! They're getting closer!

Twelfth Doctor: Hold on! Taking a tight left onto Merchant Street!

Before wave 3[]

Twelfth Doctor: Be useful and hold the wheel a sec, I have an idea!

The Doctor points his sonic screwdriver at an incoming missile which starts to spark. And in the distance the Cyber King lets out a low, angry metallic roar.

Twelfth Doctor: I've managed to re-program the missile guidance system, they'll always land 20 yards to the left.

Behind Bessie an incoming rocket veers sharply to the right and explodes inside a photocopy business.

Clara Oswald: That was the right.

Twelfth Doctor: Right, left, doesn't matter as long as we're still here. Which we are.

In the distance, the Cyber King lets out a deafening, metallic roar.

Clara Oswald: I don't think he's happy with your re-programming.

Twelfth Doctor: They're never happy when I take away their toys.


Twelfth Doctor: It's backed off to repair, but it'll be back!