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(12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie) The Cyber King: Impact is the thirty-second level of Chapter 4. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 24099 experience. The rare drop for the level is Jackson Lake. The secondary rare drop for the level is a Time Crystal.


The enemy for this level is the Cyber King.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Cyber KingEnemy Yellow

Cyber King

Yellow 300k 500 4k 1 Repair steam engines/ superstructure/ cyber-converters/ rocket subsystem: Heal 1
Chase: Lock II 1
Cyber King CloseupEnemy Black

Cyber King (closeup)

Black 1M 1k 3k 1 Gold Resistance: Yellow damage reduced by 50% for 100 turns 0
Mortar: Bomb 3k in 3 turns 1
Charging blaster: Invincibility for 3 turns 1
Launch rocket: Summon Rocket 1
Arm blaster!: Damage 80% 1
Stomp: Stun all 1
Lock I 1
Full charged blaster!: Damage 2
Rocket AEnemy BlackEnemy Green

Rocket A 1 / 2

Black 50k 500 1250 1 Grab gold: Remove yellow gems 1
Green 50k 1k 1250 1 Reflect red for 15 turns 1
Rocket BEnemy BlueEnemy Yellow

Rocket B 1 / 2

Blue 50K 500 750 1 Pulse: Frenzy 1
Yellow 30k 1k 500 1 Reflect yellow for 15 turns 1
Rocket CEnemy RedEnemy BlackEnemy YellowEnemy Green

Rocket C 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Red 50k 500 750 1 Lock II 1
Black 50k 500 1250 1 Sap gold: Weaken yellow gems 1
Yellow 30k 1k 1.5k 1 Reflect black for 15 turns 1
Green 50k 1k 1250 1 Reflect blue for 15 turns 1


Wave Enemies
1 Cyber King
2 Cyber King (closeup)



Twelfth Doctor: Just one more minute! River nearly has the TARDIS in position!

Before wave 2[]

Twelfth Doctor: Oh no! The Cyber King has repaired its rocket control subsystem!


Twelfth Doctor: River! Where are you!

River Song: Stabilizers off! Hold on to something everyone!

Behind the Doctor, the TARDIS lands in front of the Cyber King with the force of an asteroid. Cracking the Earth in two, a great chasm opening up in the middle of the city. The Cyber King tries to slow but he stumbles, end over end, downwards into the dark.

Twelfth Doctor: River, come pick us up. Time to get out of here.

River Song: Did you find what we needed?

Twelfth Doctor: Any info-stamp which may be here is probably at the bottom of that hole. We have to get out of here, get somewhere safe. Let's hope the other me's had more luck.