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(11th+) No Pink! Expert Donna Noble is the fourth level of Expert Levels Season 2. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 25900 experience. The 100% drop for the level is Donna Noble +.


The enemies for this level are the Vashta Nerada.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Vashta Nerada Spacesuit AEnemy YellowEnemy Black

Spacesuit A 1 / 2

Yellow 750k 500 500 1 Banish: Frenzy 3
Lock I 1
Infest: Summon 1
Black 600k 500 500 1 Lock I 1
Black to pink: Convert black gems to pink 3
Infest: Summon 1
Vashta Nerada Spacesuit B Close-upEnemy Green

Spacesuit B (closeup)

Green 1M 500 5k 1 Immune for 999 turns 4
Fear: Damage 1
Infest: Summon 1
90% Bomb: Bomb random gems in 2 turns 1
Life tap in 1 turn 1


Wave Enemies
1 Spacesuit A 1 Spacesuit B (closeup) Spacesuit A 2

Editor's Strategy[]

YOU MAY CONSIDER THIS AS A HELP TO BEAT THIS LEVEL, IT'S NOT OFFICIAL CONTENT. Multiple strategies have been uploaded to allow users without as many high leveled characters more variety. Feel free to add your own of it deviates significantly from the strategies already listed.

Team Perks 1 Perks 2
Cookie Donna + Team

Cookie of Awesome's team

Cookie Donna + Perks1

Cookie of Awesome's perks

Cookie Donna + Perks2

Cookie of Awesome's perks

The Eleventh Doctor +, Jimmy Wicks Ganger, Robin Hood, Madame Vastra, Handles and Amy Pond + Pretty easy level. The hardest part is keeping your health up. The Black suit will actually help you by making some pink gems for you, so try to divert fire from it. Keep an eye on Eleven's and Vastra's abilities, as these will be the main source of damage on the central suit. Try to make combinations of whatever your Restore Health perk is set to as this is the best way to heal when the Black suit is not in play. When the central suit bombs the board, get rid of those gems as soon as possible. Use the Convert and Boost abilities as well for extra damage, especially when the green suit gets low on health.

Cookie of Awesome (talk) 3:35 September 18, 2015 (UTC)