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(10th+) Expert Jackson Lake is the third level of Expert Levels Season 2. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 25775 experience. The 100% drop for the level is Jackson Lake +.


The enemy for this level is the Cyber King. This level includes cracks in time.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Cyber King CloseupEnemy Yellow

Cyber King (closeup)

Yellow 9M 0 15k Immune for 999 turns 1
Launch rocket: Summon Rocket 1
Bomb random gems in 2 turns 1
Weakpoint:Color: Weakness to color damage for 1 turn 1
Overpower: Frenzy 1
Stun color 1
Rocket AEnemy GreenEnemy Black

Rocket A 1 / 2

Green 20 25k 4
Black 20 25k 4
Rocket BEnemy YellowEnemy Blue

Rocket B 1 / 2

Yellow 20 25k 4
Blue 20 25k 4


Wave Enemies
1 - Cyber King (closeup) -

Editor's Strategy[]

YOU MAY CONSIDER THIS AS A HELP TO BEAT THIS LEVEL, IT'S NOT OFFICIAL CONTENT. Multiple strategies have been uploaded to allow users without as many high leveled characters more variety. Feel free to add your own of it deviates significantly from the strategies already listed.

Team Perks 1 Perks 2
Cookie Jackson + Team

Cookie of Awesome's team

Cookie Donna + Perks1

Cookie of Awesome's perks

Cookie Donna + Perks2

Cookie of Awesome's perks

The Tenth Doctor +, River Song +, Rose Tyler +, Madame Vastra +, Madame Vastra and Jack Harkness Quite a challenging level. The strategy of this team is to use combos to take out the rockets while the Percentage Damgers will take down the Cyber King. As soon as the rockets spawn, concentrate fire on them as they will attack for a very large chunk of your health after four turns. Try to make Red and Yellow combos as these will allow you to kill them within this timeframe. The Cyber King will also bomb gems on the board, so try to get rid of these before their timers expire. The Tenth Doctor's ability is useful to heal in case of emergencies. Jack is on the team to provide HP while River provides HP and can Convert Blue and Green gems to Red for taking out the rockets. Patience is key as multiple attempts are likely required.

Cookie of Awesome (talk) 5:00 September 18, 2015 (UTC)